Castlevania Resurrection- A Cancelled 20 years old Game That is Now Available to Play

Dreamtype has released a demo of an old game “Castlevania Resurrection” that was canceled years ago by the company, and you can play it right now.

Castlevania Resurrection- A Cancelled 20 years old Game That is Now Available to Play


Castlevania is an amazing series, mainly giving us a side view, except for Castlevania Lord of Shadows 1 and 2 and some other games in the franchise, but this series has always been a fan favorite.

It was first released in 1986, while the latest release was going to be announced at this E3 but sadly Konami is not attending this year’s E3 event, so we might need to wait for more.


Castlevania Resurrection- A Cancelled 20 years old Game That is Now Available to Play


Why was it canceled?

This game was privately revealed at E3 1999, but as we know it was never released we might get the answer why. Its developers like the former Konami artist Jason Lee Elliott said this game was “doomed from the start” because of the Resurrection team’s lack of experience with the game’s genre. This game then was canceled at E3 2000. ):


What’s in Castlevania Resurrection

Castlevania Resurrection includes many levels and also a boss battle against Medusa. What’s more? Well, you can certainly expect some bugs or more than some considering it is an unfinished 20 years old game that was not optimized.


In the game, we have main characters as Sonia Belmont and a new character Victor Belmont, and we go back in time to defeat Dracula. The game has 5 stages and a final boss battle with Medusa.


While it won’t make many people try this game, but the true fans would definitely want to know what they were going to get. For now, this game is a demo, but we might see the full release that won’t have bugs so that we can get the best experience.


This download is available to download as a ROM image and can be played with using emulators on PC. So what are you waiting for?


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