Best 5 Easter Eggs in Marvel’s Spiderman PS4

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Best 5 Easter Eggs in Marvel’s Spiderman PS4From Avengers tower, the house of Dr. Strange to seeing Niko Bellic Of GTA 4 in the game, marvel’s Spider-Man has some interesting Easter eggs that you would not want to miss out on.


Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) 2017 E3 Gameplay - YouTube


Best 5 Easter Eggs in Marvel’s Spiderman PS4
Marvel’s Spider-Man was such a masterpiece of a game. The story, the villains, our Spidey- everything was done right. It was released in 2018 by Sony Entertainment, while it was developed by Insomniac Games. Soon becoming a fan favorite after the releasing it’s a game worth every penny that you spend.

From the opening scene, when you dive from Peter Parker straight into being Spider-Man, you will instantly know this is the Spider-Man game you have always wanted. As your web swings across Manhattan, while getting used to the very easy controls, you will notice how well polished the visuals of this game are, and the audio is just as good.


Easter Eggs

Web slinging, hunting is good and all but you know what’s more fun? The Easter eggs. There are more than 50 Easter eggs  in the game. And the developers didn’t shy away from putting some wild Easter eggs in there, enough to make us smile, or even roll out laughing.

We at Gamestanza present you the best 5 Easter eggs of the game:


5. The Avengers Tower


While not subtle, it’s still amazing that you get to see Avengers Tower in this game. Even though we can’t get inside, just standing on top of it would make you feel like an avenger.

Best 5 Easter Eggs in Marvel's Spiderman PS4



4. Dr. Strange House

Yes, actual house of Dr. Strange! You can look at Dr. Strange’s house from the outside, but sadly, you can’t get it but the fact they decided to put it in the game is crazy enough.


Best 5 Easter Eggs in Marvel's Spiderman PS4


3. Doing the Superhero Landing

Nothing is more awesome than our spidey doing the superhero landing. If you press L3, which is the button to dive, high enough then spidey does the superhero landing.

Best 5 Easter Eggs in Marvel's Spiderman PS4


2. Paying Respects to Uncle Ben

You can actually go to Uncle Ben’s grave and pay respects to him. So sad, but how lovely of them (devs) to put this in the game.

Best 5 Easter Eggs in Marvel's Spiderman PS4

1. Finding Niko And Roman

Nothing is crazier than this, like how did they think of doing this? You can actually get to see Niko and Roman planning a heist. For those who have come from outer space, these are the main characters of one of the best GTA of all time, GTA 4.


Best 5 Easter Eggs in Marvel's Spiderman PS4



What are some of your favorite Easter Eggs? Tell us in the comments! Thanks for reading, Stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.


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