Apple Airpods 3 ,it is worth it?

Apple is bringing its Airpods again, and very soon. The third generation of the classic wireless earphones is coming, and Apple fans are ecstatic about them. We highlight the new and enhanced features it will present to us. Apple Airpods 3

Apple Airpods 3

Apple Airpods 3 ,it is worth it?
Apple is bringing the third generation of its wireless earphones this year.


Apple always wins in the matter of producing quality headphones, and the Airpods are no exception. This year, Apple is expected to bring the Airpods 3. The earphones are not yet revealed, but some rumors have already started regarding the design and features.

Airpods 3 will likely have a similar design as the current Airpods Pro. Some leaked images show silicone tips, but other leaks do not support that. The case is now wider and the stems of the earphones shorter, making the design more compact and beautiful. The truth is yet to be revealed.

Apple Airpods 3 ,it is worth it?
The new Airpods will likely have a wider case and a shorter stem to improve the design.


Also, this time, Apple brings new features to the earphones. Apple is working on a new chip that will power the earphones. This will considerably take lower battery power, hence increasing the battery life. Also, the company is working on improving the processing power of the device. The earphones will not feature active noise cancellation. The device is also likely to feature touch controls like the Airpods Pro. It will also feature the pressure-relieving system found in Airpods Pro. Overall, this is a big upgrade from the second-generation regular Airpods.

Price and Release

Apple Airpods 3
Leaks from tell us much about the new device, which will launch later this year.


The Apple Airpods 3 is sadly not coming in the first half of the year. When released, it is not supposed to have a mass production until the third quarter. Since this is an official message, this confirms that the device will take time to be available in numbers.

The price is expected to remain the same, which is $199. There may be a cheaper or pricier version available, but it is not confirmed yet. It is not yet known whether there will be a standard Charging Case, because Apple is concentrating currently on mostly Wireless cases.

While the Airpods are not fully revealed and everything is based on rumors, we can expect the devices to be a notch up from the current Aripods and also from the Airpods Pro.

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