Mass Effect Legendary Edition Latest Update

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition Latest Update has released a big file as an update for PlayStation users. While the update of the upcoming trilogy brings improvements to various features in the game, it has a huge size as a patch file for day one.

    Update 1.01

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition Latest Update
    The update for Mass Effect Legendary Edition promises many improvements.


    The update 1.01 for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now available to download for PlayStation users. The notes say that it has a whopping 11GB of day one patch, making lots of changes in the game. According to the developers, the update will make changes to about 30000 textures, a notable smoothness with FPS increases, and updated visual effects. The game will target a stable 60FPS experience previously missing, and will now have the most impressive graphics and effects.

    The Size

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition Latest Update
    The total update for the day one patch is 11.8GB.


    The update is of 11.8GB precisely. The game will reportedly take about 120GB of space on PC. The update makes an improvement to stability, stops game crashing issues and brings a more enhanced experience for the gamers. It is not yet confirmed whether there will be more updates and this is only for day one, but nevertheless, the update promises a better experience. The update is available for Legendary Edition players on PlayStation. It is supposed to be the day one patch file.

    The description of the updates reads, “Improves performance, improves stability, Improvements to Ambient Occlusion, Lighting Improvements – both visual and performance-related, Miscellaneous content fixes”. Overall, this is a big update that will make some great changes to the game.

    About the Game

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition Latest Update
    Mass Effect is a very popular RPG from BioWare and EA.


    Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is an upcoming trilogy that combines the three popular titles from BioWare, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3. The games are remastered in 4K and released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The trilogy will release on 14th May 2021. BioWare is being assisted by Abstraction Games and Blind Squirrel Games in this project. The newly remastered version will reportedly use Unreal Engine 4, which is a big upgrade from the individual titles’ Unreal Engine 3. The game can also run in PlayStation 5 and Xbox S with compatibility mode, as BioWare is not releasing the games for the two completely new consoles as of now.

    Mass Effect series received positive reviews and praises from players worldwide and has sold more than seven million copies. The praises went for the storyline, action scenes, missions, and the overall gameplay. Although the first title underwent some controversy regarding certain missions, the game received overall acclaim.

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