iWatch 7 latest update & expected launch date

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iWatch 7 latest update & expected launch date Apple Watch 7 is coming this year, and with lots of new features. With the popularity of the Watch 6, the company is trying to make things bigger and better. We may also end up seeing a new version alongside the Series 7, like the last year’s Watch SE.

iWatch 7 latest update & expected launch date

iWatch 7 latest update & expected launch date
Apple Watch 7 is coming soon this year and may bring a whole lot of new features.


Though nothing is confirmed as of now, we may expect the Watch to land in stores by September. That is also the time when Apple is expected to release the new iPhone 13. According to recent rumors, the previous features will remain, and new features like Blood Glucose Monitoring and Health Monitoring will come. Also, the watch may have better battery life.

Pricing and Features

The entry-level price for Apple smartwatches is $399. The 44mm size costs $429. For cellular support, the cost is $100 more. The watch will obviously face great competition from Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series, so they may try to decrease the price this time. Still, it will be foolish to expect it at anything beyond $350.

The new Blood Glucose Monitor can track the blood sugar level through the skin. This new feature will have good accuracy and will help those who are affected with irregular blood sugar levels.

Other Interesting Qualities

iWatch 7 latest update & expected launch date
Apple Watch 7 will have the new Blood Glucose Monitoring feature that will help people with diabetes.


The Apple Watch 7 is a world of new surprises. Apart from the Glucose Monitor, it can also come with several new features. Some of them are:

  1. Health Tools: Apple Watch is known for life-saving features, and has saved lots of lives. The new health tools will be more reliable in crucial times. Though Apple Watch 6 could not make the idea into a nice reality, the Watch 7 may really do so.
  2. Battery Life: This is important for people who wear this every time. Apple is working on improving the battery life without making the device bulky. If successful, we may get to see a full-day battery life in the watch, which will be awesome.

Final Verdict

The release date may be far away, but Apple is working hard on the Watch 7. It is expected to land with new features that may even beat the Galaxy Watches. Among the new capabilities, are the Blood Glucose Monitor, Health Tools, and bigger battery life. We may get to learn more about the device when Apple wants us to.

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