iPhone 13 Launch date confirmed: Price specs and more

iPhone 13 Launch date confirmed: Price specs and more Apple’s famous iPhone devices are always the headline makers every year. This year, Apple is set to come with the iPhone 13. Among several rumours and news, we find out the most reliable ones that specify the details of the device most accurately. Although Apple tries to keep any details hidden, there are some details that have been uncovered.

iPhone 13 Launch date confirmed: Price specs and more

iPhone 13 Launch date confirmed: Price specs and more
iPhone 12 was very popular last year and sold in huge numbers.


According to recent rumours, Apple is releasing the iPhone 13 in September. It is actually a very good time for launch because Samsung generally launches its flagship tablets and smartwatches in August. The new device can have a lot of changes from its predecessor. There was a good amount of criticism last year when iPhone failed to deliver anything special for iPhone 12. Some rumours suggest that the phone will have a diagonal quad-camera setup and a display with a 120Hz refresh rate.


iPhone 13 Launch date confirmed: Price specs and more

iPhones always come in different variants, and each of them costs different. iPhone 12 came last year with its mini, pro and pro-max variants. This year, Apple may bring similar four variants of the new device. As we all know, the mini variant is a smaller variant of the phone, while pro and pro-max are the ultimate performers.

The mini variant can have a 5.4-inch display, while the ultimate Pro-Max version may have a huge 6.7-inch screen. The device can bring back the touch-ID feature. Also, Apple is working to reduce the size of the notch in the iPhones, making a more good-looking display. The company is yet not ready to come up with fancy displays like folding or flip phones, so the overall design should be similar.


iPhone 13 Launch date confirmed: Price specs and more
Apple is set to bring new features to the new device.


iPhone 13 will reportedly come with the new A15 Bionic processor. Also, it boasts the new Qualcomm X60 modem, which is 5nm compared to the Apple iPhone 12’s 7nm X55 modem. According to some rumours, iPhone 13 can have as much as 1TB of storage capacity, but some say it cannot be more than 512 GB. Whatever, the storage size will be as big as impressive, no doubt. iPhone 13 can have support for a 6GHz Wi-Fi connection, but will only be useful if you have a similar router with you.

Apple is trying to tackle everyone with its new camera setup. It may have a 48MP camera with a 1.8mm focal aperture. Also, the camera will have the capability to zoom up to 10 times. The ultra-wide sensor will only be present in two of the four models, and we are not sure where. But these features are enough to beat most phones available in the market today. The front camera setup my house with two lenses this time, which will greatly improve the front camera quality.


iPhone 13 Launch date confirmed: Price specs and more

Price is where Apple always come at headlines. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max sold for $1099 last year. This time, rumours predict that iPhone 13 base variant may cost the same as the iPhone 12 base variant last year, $799. The iPhone 13 mini will cost lesser obviously, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max version can easily cost more than $1200. We do not have clear information on pricing at the moment and may have to wait until Apple gives us a detailed view of the devices.

Final Verdict

This year will be no different, will iPhone 13 coming up right ahead. It is expected that it will come in four variants, will have a quad-camera setup and a slight modification of specifications. While people already owning an iPhone 12 may have no need to upgrade to the new device right away, the older iPhone users can certainly grab this opportunity to upgrade their devices. Last year, a lot of users upgraded their devices to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

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