DeepRacer Device Software Open Sourced By Amazone

DeepRacer Device Software Open Sourced By Amazone to encourage creative developers. Don’t know what this cool concept of Deepracer is? We’ll fill you in!


What the heck is it?

DeepRacer Device Software Open Sourced By Amazone Simply put, AWS Deepracer was introduced for tech enthusiasts, programmers, developers, and others to get familiar with machine learning, reinforcement learning, and how Artificial intelligence works, with help of a virtual and physical model of cars.

It’s the most fun and easiest way for anyone to get familiar with some high-level fields like machine learning and AI.

AWS Deepracer has three components:

1/18 Scale Race Car

DeepRacer Device Software Open Sourced By Amazone

It’s a car, the size of a toy but comes with all the sensors to help developers understand and build the car using machine learning and stuff.  It costs $399 and was first launched in 2018 at Amazon’s Re: Invent show.


A Virtual Simulator Of the Car

With the virtual simulator, you get all the tools you need from which you can test your race car in order to tweak it, improve it and get the best out of it in the development.


Global Racing league

Now, this is the most fun part. You get to post your best times and discuss new and better ways for building vehicles and also get the chance to take part in the Championship of Deepracer.



DeepRacer Device Software Open Sourced By Amazone

Why are they releasing the source code?

Amazon has decided to open source Deepracer in order to encourage developers to be even more creative and develop the car in new ways, as they’ll be able to mess around with the default settings and change them now. That’s really a good thing for the developers.

“With the open-sourcing of the AWS DeepRacer device code, you can quickly and easily change the default behavior of your currently track-obsessed race car. Want to block other cars from overtaking it by deploying countermeasures? Want to deploy your own custom algorithm to make the car go faster from point A to B? You just need to dream it and code it,”   AWS said in a blog post announcing the open-source project.


Last Words

I think more and more people should get attached to projects like this that ultimately can help all the world to advance in technology.  If you want to know more about and get familiar with what it is, hop onto their site for more info by clicking here.

And here’s its Github.


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News. Thank you!



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