Apex Legends Season 4

    Apex Legends Season 4, titled Assimilation has given us a lot of wonders and many new items. The season that started on 4th February 2020 was one of the best seasons of the game. We look back at this and highlight the plus points.

    Apex Legends Season 4

    Apex Legends Season 4
    The new Legend in Season 4 is The Revenant.


    This season gave us a lot of wonders. A new legend was added in the game, the Revenant. The Legend has multiple plus points and specializes in pushing the enemies. He has three skills, the passive Stalker, tactical Silence, and ultimate Death Totem. Each of these powers is great, with abilities like high climbing and fast crouching and walking. The ultimate ability of the Legend is to prevent the knockout of teammates.

    There is also a nice background story revolving around Revenant. He was a human before somebody turned him into a body of steel. After years of practice, he finally can control his shell of steel, and promised himself to take revenge on the people who did it to his body.

    Season 4 Weapon

    Apex Legends Season 4
    Season 4 Weapon: The Sentinel


    The new weapon the came in this season was the Sentinel. A bolt-action sniper rifle, it was made by Paradinha Arsenal. Rounds are inserted through the bolt action receiver at the back of the machine and then fired with a closed bolt pin. The round is accelerated with a muzzle velocity of 5km/s through the EM Propulsion. The resultant is a projectile with high kinetic energy. Compared to the Kraber .50-Cal Sniper, this has a better accessibility and cycle time. Though the damage needs to be compromised a little.

    The gun has an Amped mechanic, which can increase the damage by 25% for two minutes. Each shot shortens the charge by 15 seconds and takes 5 seconds to chargeback.

    Other Changes

    The season brought new changes to the World’s Edge and Ranked League. Fuel Depot is replaced by Planet Harvester, Capitol City now has two parts, Ranked Season now split with 7 weeks per split, and a new Master tier was added. Platinum tier is reserved for the top 500 players according to the RP. And also, there are the Bloodhound’s Trials.

    Also, Assimilation Battle Pass brought more than a hundred new items in the game. This includes everything, from new skins and frames to loading screen and music. Of course, these rewards are in the Premium mode, and cannot be obtained for free. However, the season was extremely praised for its new looks and items.

    About the Game

    Apex Legends Season 4
    Apex Legends is coming for mobile devices sooner than you think.


    Apex Legends is a battle royale game by Respawn Entertainment, launched in February 2019. The game can be played by 20 trios or 30 duos, and features a play style like other popular battle royale titles like PUBG and Free Fire. The players can also choose a character prior to the match, that may be used as powers. The game receives a new season every four months and brings new items and characters. There is a Battle Pass system that earns players more rewards for some money.

    Apex Legends is currently at Season8: War Games. Season 9 is set to launch in May 2021, bringing more new items to the shop. The game is highly praised for the gameplay and graphics. Apex Legends for mobile devices has also been planned and is due to release in 2022. The PC version is currently being played by more than a hundred million players.

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