Why Sapphire 6900 XT Extreme Price Is so High: Is it Worth buy?

Why Sapphire 6900 XT Extreme Price Is so High: Is it Worth buy? Video cards are nowadays a necessity for all gamers out there. Plus, they are also great for giving a computer that extra bit of power required to do anything. Many machine learning algorithms today also require such powerful cards to run and process data. But the new Sapphire 6900 XT Extreme has shocked the world with a price tag that no one could ever imagine. Why Sapphire 6900 XT Extreme Price Is so High: Is it Worth buy?

The Video Card that Rules

Why Sapphire 6900 XT Extreme Price Is so High: Is it Worth buy?
The new Sapphire 6900XT Extreme video card can do anything you throw at it.


Before coming to the pricing, let’s know something about the video card first. This new video card created by Sapphire contains the power to run anything. It can boost the GPU performance with just one click. Here are some of the specifications of the card, for more details, you can visit its official website.

  • One-Click TOXIC Boost Up to 2730MHz
  • Boost Clock: Up to 2525 MHz
  • Game Clock: Up to 2375 MHz
  • Stream Processors:5120
  • Memory: 16GB/256 bit DDR6. 16 Gbps Effective
  • RDN ATM 2 ArchitectureRay Accelerator: 80


These are enough to make gamers’ mouths water. The video card is one of the most powerful available today and can process almost anything you throw at it. Plus, it has a great cooling system, which is also a necessity when it is dealing with such heavy tasks.

The Pricing

Why Sapphire 6900 XT Extreme Price Is so High: Is it Worth buy?
The video card is the best out there, but is the price tag worth it?


Everything seems well and good until we discuss the price. The video card costs a whopping $2499. This is more than the cost of two Microsoft Surface PCs! This product is definitely not for everyone, and not everyone can afford to spend so much on a video card. The main purpose of buying the Sapphire card is not for casual gaming. cryptocurrency miners and professional heavy gamers can think of getting one, but still, do you really need to spend so much?

Sapphire has also launched the standard version of the video card, which costs $999. This is more affordable compared to the Extreme version. Still, this product is not for everyone, however impressive and alluring it looks.

The standard version can later be upgraded to the Extreme version. It also comes with cooling support, so buyers don’t have to worry about that.

Final Verdict

Go for this video card only if you need it desperately. This could have been the winner among all the video cards available, had its price been tolerable. Other than that, the card packs everything you need for doing heavy tasks on your computer. Still, the standard version is affordable at $999, which is also a great option if you need a speed boost.

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