What is Rewilding: Mapping the Path to Rewilding “Importance”

    What is Rewilding: Mapping the Path to Rewilding “Importance” We humans are demolishing the mother earth with our thoughtless acts. But still, there are people who want to save nature with their efforts. One such effort is rewilding or re-wilding. Let’s see what it is and some researches done on it.

    Rewilding is like the conservation process we make to restore the fruitfulness of nature. It is like rejuvenating nature by not disturbing its course of action. Let’s see more about it.

    What is Rewilding: Mapping the Path to Rewilding “Importance”

    Rewilding or re-wilding means the act of conservation that centers on restoring and protecting the natural process and wilderness areas. It is an ecological restoration done by making humans step back and leave the area to nature. Basically, it is reintroducing apex predators and extinct species.

    Successful event

    The most recent successful rewilding process is happened in Yellowstone, the first national park of America. It is the reintroduction of Grey Wolves in the national park and it is done by the removal of large predators. This is how rewilding works.

    What is Rewilding: Mapping the Path to Rewilding "Importance"

    New Research

    There is this new research done by the University of Amsterdam and The Dutch State Forestry Service states that the rewilding process of reintroducing plant and animal species is mainly concerned with geography and geology. As in to say that, rewilding is based on geography and geology.

    Importance of Landscape

    Kenneth Rejsdijk, the ecologist at the University of Amsterdam in European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2021 states that landscape is the main reason behind the success of rewilding. He says that we should not and could not rewild everywhere. It must be done in specific areas according to its ruggedness and soil nutrients. Harry Seijmonsbergen also quotes that rewilding’s success is based on the landscape.

    The study

    The study of this ecologist is based on considering geological and geographical map data from different centuries. It centers on the 12 sites in Northwestern Europe. They studied the qualities of these various landscapes. And how geodiversity influenced the rewilding by using satellite, aerial, and field data collected from different time periods.

    What is Rewilding: Mapping the Path to Rewilding "Importance"

    Tool kit

    They say that this study will help the people in future to find the correct rewilding sites. They both state that their research is like the tool kit that people can use to measure the quality of the landscape and its rewilding success rate.

    That’s about it, these are the details about rewilding and the research done to know about the importance of rewilding.

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