Old Fortnite 1 map returned as a skin

As per the player’s request, Fortnite 1 map has returned to the game. Here’s the twist, you aren’t going to play on it but wear it as a skin. Interesting isn’t it? Let’s see about this new skin and how it looks. Old Fortnite 1 map returned as a skin

Skins are more famous in Fortnite 2 and players love to get it by using their V-Bucks in the item shop. It’s become a ritual to them. And what is happening now will make them go crazy because the new skin in the item shop is what they have been eagerly waiting for. It’s the skin that represents the old map which they longed for its return.

A Tribute

The new skin is named Eco and we could say it gives a tribute to the old map and may also represent Earth day when the new skin itself got released. The skin has references from the previous Fortnite Chapter 1 map and makes players feel nostalgic. It is created by the person called Nollobandz.

Old Fortnite 1 map returned as a skin

Other items

The Eco skin which represents the old map of Fortnite is not the only cosmetic item that got released in the item shop. In additional to that, there are other two items like Back Bling (Globee) and Harvesting tool (Devourer’s Bane) also released in the item shop.

Old Fortnite 1 map returned as a skin References

Let’s see the references of Fortnite Chapter 1 map on the Eco skin.

  • The Face of the skin represents the Seven who appeared in Season 3.
  • Loot lake has its place on the chest of the skin.
  • A helmet pays tribute to the mysterious rocket-riding visitor.
  • Belt got its reference from Tomato town’s mascot.
  • The right Shoulder has a Titled Tower clock icon and Durr Burger from Titled Tower is also placed near the Elbow.
  • Lava on the right arm represents the volcano activity that happened in Season 8.
  • On the right thigh stays the Dusty Depot and The Meteor and right ankle Frosty flights that were added in Season 7.
  • Desert Biome that was added in the old Fortnite 5.0 update is situated on the left ankle.
  • Back Bling (rotating globe) represents all these things in nature and has a Valcona that erupts when you got eliminated.
  • The harvesting tool represents the fight that happened between Mech and the Monster in Chapter 1 season 9.

Old Fortnite 1 map returned as a skin

Price details

Players can purchase all three things as a set for 2000 V-bucks. Or else you can purchase Eco (outfit) and Back Bling (Globee) for 1,500 V-bucks separately and buy Harvesting tool (Devourer’s Bane) for 800 V-bucks separately.

That’s about it guys, buy the skin if you want to get reminisce about the past.

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