Life Is Strange True Colors Revealed by Square Enix

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Life Is Strange True Colors Revealed by Square Enix is a popular game franchise that contains a series of story-based games. Since the release of the first game in 2015, Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix are working together to make this series better. Finally, in absence of Dontnod this year, Deck Nine Games is releasing the new game of the series, LIS: True Colors. Square Enix and Deck Nine revealed about the project recently.

Life Is Strange True Colors Revealed by Square Enix

Life Is Strange True Colors Revealed by Square Enix
Life Is Strange brings a new game this year.


LIS is a series of story-based games developed by Dontnod and Deck Nine Games. The first game released in 2015 and took place in the players’ hearts with an emotional storyline. The game was followed by its prequel, Before the Storm in 2017, and then Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and LIS2 in 2018. Now, they have revealed that they are working on a new game of the series, True Colors. Like every game, the protagonist is given some special powers that can be used to uncover mysteries. Dontnod also developed similar games last year, like Twin Mirror and Tell Me Why.

LIS: True Colors

Life Is Strange True Colors Revealed by Square Enix
LIS True Colors will feature the story of Alex Cohen, a young girl with superpowers.


The new game features a young girl names Alex Cohen who sense others’ emotions and can react to or absorb them. This way, she tries to uncover a mystery that is involved with her past life. The gameplay will be similar to other titles of the series, with branching dialogues and usage of superpowers. There will also be choices that will affect the story and change the ending based on what you do. It is not yet known whether the game will feature cameo appearances or mentions of the previous titles of the series.

True Colors is releasing later this year, on 10th September, and players are really excited about it. The developers revealed some screenshots and the game plot at a recent conference. Unlike the previous titles, this game will be released fully and not according to episodes. Dontnod Games have also released Twin Mirror as a full game last December.

LIS Remastered

Life Is Strange True Colors Revealed by Square Enix
Life Is Strange is being remastered in 4K, and some screenshots have already been revealed.


The developers are also planning to bring the first and second title of the series back with remastered graphics, but keeping everything else the same. Life Is Strange, which follows the life of Max Caulfield, was the game that gave the series fame. The sequel of the game, Life Is Strange, Before The Storm, is another title by Deck Nine that completes the story of Max and Chloe. Both of the games are being remade in 4K and will be released in December.

Players who buy the Deluxe version of True Colors will automatically receive the two remastered games for free. The developers have already revealed some screenshots of the two games in development, and they look pretty awesome compared to the original counterparts.

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