Last of Us Part 2 Receives Record-breaking Awards

    Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II released in July 2020, and is one of the best survival games now. The game that suffered delays and crunch times, has received a record-breaking number of awards. Winning as many as 300 Game of the Year awards, it is the most acclaimed title in the history of video games.

    The Record

    Last of Us Part 2 Receives Record-breaking Awards


    The Last of Us Part II has received 300 of possible 576 Game of the Year Awards in 2020, making it the first game to do so. The runner-up game, Hades, received only 64 awards. This has come as surprise, because never before has a game won by such a big margin. That is a whooping 52% of awards. The previous record was set by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 2015, when it won 280 awards.

    The other games in the list of top ten award-winning giants include the most legendary games ever made. There is Grand Theft Auto V, and Red Dead Redemption 2. The Last of Us Part 2 has just been the most successful of all the great games, receiving worldwide praises for the gameplay and the story.

    About the Game

    Last of Us Part 2 Receives Record-breaking Awards


    The Last of Us Part II is a post-apocalyptic survival game developed by Naughty Dog. The game features the events taking place after those of The Last of Us. During release, the game underwent delays and interruptions, mostly due to the pandemic. After it was finally released, it took the gaming world by storm, thanks to its great storyline and detailed graphics. There are a lot of positive points in the game that reflect the developers’ quality. Neil Druckmann, the creative director the original game, also directed this game, and wrote the story with Halley Gross.

    The game features a nineteen-year-old Ellie who faces challenges as she separates with Joel, her previous guardian. She is the controllable character in this game, with lots of action, areas to do stealth missions, and a hooking story.

    The game is the fastest selling PS4 exclusive title, selling over 4 million copies in a weekend. It has also been downloaded most number of times in North America and Europe. Much of the praises went for the detailed AI non-playable characters, realistic scenes and reactions and a good level of motion capture. Ashley Johnson, who portrayed Ellie in the game, is highly praised for her role.

    The game is playable only in PlayStation 4. That makes it a PlayStation exclusive, just like its predecessor, released in 2013.

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