How to Sit out in Fortnite 2? Check this out to know!

    Playing so long, and want to take rest while playing Fortnite 2 with your buddies. You don’t have to request them to stop the game. You can just go out a while without disturbing your group by using “sit out” option. Let’s see what’s so special about this option.

    Fortnite 2 is the online video game developed by Epic games. This game has three different modes like Fortnite Save the world, Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative. The best game to play with your group of gaming buddies. And this sit out option is great for breaks while playing in group.

    Sit out option

    While playing with group of people, you may find someone who need to take rest or want to go restroom. Sometimes, it may be you who needs break because of long hours of playing. You may need to get some light or to do some lite exercises or to drink water or to do some household works or it may be anything. At this time, you don’t have to make your group to wait for you. You can use this sit out option and do your work while your friends go on with their game.

    How to Sit out in Fortnite 2? Check this out to know


    There are various benefits you can get by using this option. They are

    • You can go out only for one match
    • Sitting out without leaving your squad
    • You can jump back to the game anytime
    • Your squad members can go for Fortnite match if they needed as you will be excluded from the matchmaking pool.

    How to sit out?

    Follow these steps to sit out from the Fortnite game.

    How to Sit out in Fortnite 2? Check this out to know

    • Open up the social panel by using ESC button on PC, Option button on Xbox and Play Station and Plus button on Nintendo switch
    • Click the small setting icon on the left side
    • There will be options like Online Status, Party Privacy and Participation. Select Participation option in the menu
    • And then switch the current Playing option to sit out
    • You can only use this option if you are playing with the group or else you can use Away option.

    If it is a group they can play the game without you. But if you are playing with only one player, the friend must play single matches. Your character will be sitting out and you can change status by using same method.

    Thus this is how you sit out in Fortnite 2. Use this option and take a break.

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