Final Fantasy – Know all about Thavnairion Onions And How to Get them

Why is it the most importable vegetation in the game?


Thavnairion Onions

These Thavnairion onions are usual onion-shaped veggies, brown and found in the alkali sands of Near Eastern Thavnair.

Final Fantasy - Know all about Thavnairion Onions And How to Get them

Level up Your Chocobo Companion

Chocobo is a recurring animal in Final Fantasy 14 and is an excellent companion. You can make it your companion, and it will stay by your side and will fight beside you after you complete  My Feisty Little Chocobo quest.

Thavnairion onions are favorite among the chocobos while the other races don’t typically like them. Chocobo’s level stops when reaching 10.

When a Chocobo is maxed on experience when its “Rank” and “Exp Value” in the Companion Details window change to a different color. This is where these onions come in, as you can reward these (not feed) to them, and you’ll be increasing its level and the color of Exp Value and Rank will change to the same color.

You can use 1 onion to level up your Chocobo from level 10 to 11, then use 10 onions to level up from 11 to 12. You can use these onions to max out your Chocobo level to 20, which is the ultimate level.

Final Fantasy - Know all about Thavnairion Onions And How to Get them

How to get them?

You can get Thavnairion onions by either completing the A Hunter’s True Nature quest and Landing a Stable Job quest, or you can even grow them in your garden!

Though gardening them is tricky and requires patience and a bit of luck (as you’ll cross-breed). It at least will take 10 days to grow if you decide to grow it, and might take even more depending on the way you nourish it.

Here’s a helpful video on YouTube explaining the gardening of these onions:

Once you understand the gardening, you can take the help of these diagrams from this page to get all you need on how to grow thavirinian onions.

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