Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Game

    Monster Games has brought a new racing video game to the market. The game may not be as fancy as the AAA console games popular today, but it certainly contains some juice in it. In this article, we find out about this game and more information related to it.

    Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Game

    Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Game
    The new multiplayer racing game supports up to 24 players online!


    Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Game, as the name suggests, is a collaboration with sprint car and Tony Stewart himself. Monster Games has created a similar game, Tony Stewart’s All American Racing. Both are exclusive to Walmart. Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Game contains twenty-four tracks and three different race types. There is a small and simple plot, race against opponents to keep winning races and win an ultimate championship. This simple storyline means that the game is all about its gameplay; players don’t need to focus on distractions much.

    The game has a multiplayer feature that can join up to 24 players online, making it a huge platform to race together. For ‘offline multiplayer’, there is a split-screen mode.

    The game released on Microsoft Windows, PS4, and Xbox One devices on February 14-21st 2020. Sprint Car Racing received mostly positive reviews, mostly owing to the vast multiplayer platform.

    Tony Stewart's Sprint Car Game
    The game has a sister game, Tony Stewart’s All American Racing, also developed by Monster Games.


    About Tony Stewart

    Anthony Wayne Stewart (Smoke) is the current NASCAR team owner, who is now semi-retired. He has won the NASCAR cup series thrice as a driver, and twice as a team owner. Stewart owns many open-wheel short-track racing cars and has featured in many other video games, like NASCAR 2001, NASCAR 2004, and NASCAR 2011: The Game. He was also seen in NASCAR The Game: Inside Line. He appears as a driver in NASCAR Heat 4 and is featured in cover images of NASCAR Heat 4, NASCAR 14, and NASCAR Heat 5 Gold Edition.

    Stewart has also appeared in other media besides games. This includes lots of music videos, covers, and YouTube videos. Some songs even have his name mentioned, like Glory and Slowdown. He has been a part of the film Herbie: Fully Loaded, released in 2005. He has a brilliant record of motorsport and is one of the best car racers of NASCAR. Stewart has won a number of awards from 1995 to 2020.

    Final Verdict

    Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing can be fun to play if you have many players to play with. The massive multiplayer platform is a great entertaining feature. Also, the single-player mode is simple and challenging at times. The game received a 70% score in TheXboxHub and a 9/10 rating on Steam.

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