Season Pass Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Beyond Light has been going well with it’s new content on the row. Season of Chosen is recently came live on February 9, 2021 and has given players some great content. Let’s see about the Season Pass Destiny 2, how to get it and what advantages it gives you in the game.

Destiny 2 is the free online multiplayer shooter video game developed by Bungie. The developers of the game, Bungie planned to release the content by dividing it on the basis of seasons. You need season passes to play the new season. Here’s the brief details about the season pass in Destiny 2.


Season is the way of dividing the content of the game into different time period. Each season introduces new content into the game. The contents includes new story line, weapons, armours and other items. It happens for about 10 weeks. Bungie used this season’s into the Destiny 2.

Season Pass Destiny 2

Season pass is like an entry pass for entering into the season. It gives access to the new season that is new content. It is not mandatory to buy this pass but if you have it, it will provide great advantages to you. Like you can play the game even after the season ends, for example, Season of Chosen ends on May 11 but if you have season pass you can play the season’s content throughout this year.

How to get it?

You can purchase this season pass from Bungie store for about 1000 silvers. If one season ends, you can’t buy the pass. But if you have the Destiny 2 : Beyond Light Digital Deluxe Edition, you don’t need to worry about buying the passes, as it was added to your pack when you purchased it previously.

Season Pass Destiny 2

What’s the benefits?

Buying passes is not a waste of money, as it will provide you some advantages in the game than the players who don’t have the passes. The players who have passes will be termed as Premium rank and those players will get access to rewards, weapons and armours earlier than the players who are playing for free without passes.

Season of Chosen

Season of Chosen is the new season available for the players in Destiny 2. This season started on February 9 and it will end on May 11, 2021. You can buy the season pass for Season of Chosen pass for 1000 silvers in the Bungie store.

Season Pass Destiny 2

That’s all about the details you want to know about the season passes in Destiny 2.

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