Fallout 4 secret room Xbox one

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Fallout 4 is the fourth title in the Fallout series. While entering into this post-apocalyptic world must be cautious and must be armed. There are various weapons and armours available in the game. To our surprise there is one secret room is found by players which is full of weapons and armour. Let’s see how to get in there.Fallout 4 secret room Xbox one.

As an action role-playing game, Fallout consists of variety of weapons in it. This game is available on PC, Xbox one and Play Station 4. Players are keen to get weapons on their board while playing. Want to know how to go to this secret room full of weapons, this write-up will help you reach there.

Fallout 4 secret room Xbox one

The secret room

Sometimes players on there exploration in the game, finds some exciting hidden content and easter eggs that are purposely hidden by the developers. This secret room in Fallout 4 may be one such easter egg. As an open world game, in Fallout 4 players can explore the game freely, so they might have found it. This room is tucked into the game by Bethesda, the developers of Fallout 4. Thanks to the YouTuber named Tyrannicon, who made a video about this secret room and famoused it among the players.

Fallout 4 secret room Xbox one How to enter

The process to enter this room is so simple. Players have to press the tilde key first and the console command will open up, there enter the code “COC QASMOKE”. This secret room have suit of Power Armour and there is a bin inside the room which contains all the weapons, junks and items available in the game. Yes you read it right, all the weapons. And from there you access holotape too. To leave the secret or developer room type, “COE 11” into the console command. It is said that the secret room is filled with mist landscape and often there appears image ghosting.

Fallout 4 secret room Xbox one

PS4 and XBOX one

Unfortunately, players of Fallout 4 who play on Play Station 4 and Xbox one consoles couldn’t open this secret room. As we saw earlier, you have to know a certain console code to enter into this secret room. The players who are playing on PC can access this secret room by the console code mentioned above, as the code belongs to PC console.

Thus this how you enter into the secret room in the game Fallout 4. Make sure you enter the proper code.

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