Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Gameplay and About it’s Upcoming Remake !

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak in the year 2006. It is still on-trend, so the publishers Nintendo and Pokemon company is planning to release its remake. Let’s see Pokemon diamond and pearl’s gameplay and the new remake details.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are the usual Pokemon game which is a role-playing game with certain adventure elements. As every Pokemon game, this Pokemon Diamond and Pearl want the players to capture Pokemon and train their own Pokemon to battle against other players Pokemon. Here’s a brief view of its gameplay.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Gameplay and About it's Upcoming Remake !

Three screen

This game is played from the third-person perspective. It has three screens namely field map, a battle screen, and menu.

  • Field map – this helps to navigate the main character in the game.
  • Battle screen – this is where the battles between Pokemon happens.
  • Menu – it shows the party items of the players and gameplay settings.

Pokemon and Poke ball

The players begin the game with no Poke balls or Pokemon. Three Pokemon will be provided in the game to the players little later. To gain Poke balls they need to capture more Pokemon. They can use their party Pokemon to make damage to other players Pokemon in battles.

Battle & Capturing

The gameplay centers on two things, one is the players must capture wild Pokemon in the game and the next is that they can make battles with another trainer Pokemon. In battle, players use moves, use an item or switch the active Pokemon. All Pokemon have hit points, they will faint if the hit points reach down to zero. You can revive it by using an item or at Pokemon center. Players gain XP if they make other players Pokemon faint. You use poke balls on wild Pokemon and make it your own. It will be added to your party if you successfully capture it.


This Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is getting remade as a new game in a new title called Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl. But this remake is not developed by the previous developers of Game Freak but by ILCA. They are planning to release this game for Nintendo switch.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Gameplay and About it's Upcoming Remake !


The release date of this game is not particularly mentioned. Nintendo has informed that the remake Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl will be released in late 2021 maybe in November and they also added that the prequel named Pokemon: Legends Arceus will be released in early 2022.

That’s about the details of gameplay and the remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

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