Mega Man 11 With Voice Actors Whole New Experience

    Mega Man Series is an action series developed by Capcom. The latest title in the series has a whole lot of features that make it the best game in the series so far. With 2.5D graphics, voice acting, and a huge list of the soundtrack, Mega Man 11 With Voice Actors comes with a whole package of surprise.

    About the Game

    Mega Man 11 With Voice Actors Whole New Experience
    Mega Man 11 is the winner of the series so far, with improved gameplay and new features.


    Mega Man series has always had 3D characters in 2D environments, making the gams a 2.5D package. The 11th installment of the series is not different. The game also contains overacting by many English voice actors.

    Mega Man 11 brings back the difficulty settings from Mega Man 10. There are four difficulty modes in the game. The overall gameplay experience is the same as the previous titles of the series, except for the new feature called the Double Gear System. This new feature gives the protagonist two new powers to use.

    The storyline is also big and features lots of entertaining plots and twists. The ending of the game is also good, so be prepared for some revelations.

    The game contains original soundtrack, consisting of as many as 35 tracks. There are 17 more arranged soundtracks, making the game-rich in audio. Mega Man 11 received positive reviews and praises from players all over the world.

    Voice Actors

    Mega Man 11 With Voice Actors Whole New Experience
    Mega Man now has two new powers, thanks to the new Double Gear.


    One of the highlights of the game is the voice-over acting, which is one of the best in the series. Capcom used as many as 15 voice actors to develop the game, which turned out to be a great decision. Here is a brief list of them:


    The game released on 6th September 2018 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 devices. Nintendo players can use Amiibo, which can let them unlock and use many extra in-game items.

    Final Verdict

    Praised highly for its gameplay and graphics improvements over the previous titles, Mega Man 11 With Voice Actors nominated for Best Action Game by The Game Awards 2018. According to Capcom, the game sold over 1.3 million copies after two years. It is a must-play for action lovers and Mega Man series fans alike.

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