Code Vein Review the New RPG

Bandai Namco Entertainment has given us lots of games that keep us hooked. Code Vein Review released in 2019 and won the hearts of many players worldwide. In this article, we try to focus on the key highlights of the game, while also pointing out some areas that could have been improved.

A Game Influenced by others

If you have played Bandai Namco games, you will have a Deja Vu feeling. Code Vein is a post-apocalyptic action game that takes place sometime in the future and features a plot that is not extraordinary. The game is influenced by other Bandai Namco games, like Dark Souls and Got Eater series titles. Yet, the story looks promising from the beginning.

The Plot (No Spoilers)

Code Vein Review the New RPG
Code Vein consists of a nice apocalyptic plot that has three different endings.


The developers really a great job inserting a plot with lots of stuff to do. The story will take the players through various locations as the game progresses, so there is nothing to be bored about. It also contains tragic moments and violence, which has been depicted well. The game also has three endings, depending on what you do and how you play.

The plot is good and despite being common, the storyline is awesome. It is one of the key reasons the game was successful.

Code Vein Review Gameplay

Code Vein Review the New RPG
The gameplay does not consist of fancy things and is driven by the storyline itself.


The development team of Code Vein consisted of 200 people at a point during the making of this game. It took the dev team five long years to bring us this title. Hence, the gameplay is obviously fabulous. While there are no such features as an open-world or customization, the story is the driver here. Whatever happens, happens due to the storyline, and you are instructed to do what they tell you Code Vein Review.

However, this must not be a surprise for the players, because this is a simple role-playing game. There is no shortage of action and mystery as you progress. The game sometimes gets boring because it shows you things that are predictable. Other than that, the gameplay is nothing but following the story and instructions on the screen. Also, the endings depend on how you play and what you do.


The game is available to play for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One devices. After being postponed for two years, the game finally released in 2019. The game received praises from Japan and many other countries but overall failed to flourish as a nice and famous title. Some reviewers blame the lack of innovative ideas for this, while others blame the boring boss-fights. However, it sold more than a million copies within a year.

Final Verdict

If you are into some good action RPG, this game should be on your wish list. The game, while fails to deliver a wow feeling, wins at the storyline, the simplicity of the gameplay, and the variety of endings that come unexpectedly. Bandai Namco has done a good job with the development, and Code Vein should be tried at least once for action lovers.

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