All you Need to know about Destiny 2 Titan Skating Glitch!

Destiny 2 is the multiplayer first person shooter game. As you all know it has the three classes of guardians in it and what if one class get advantages in gameplay than others. This is what Titan Skating is let’s see more about Destiny 2 Titan Skating Glitch.

Destiny 2 is the free online video game developed by Bungie. It has two mode like PvE and PvP. In Player versus Environment, group of three players can do strikes and dungeons and group of six can do raids. Players utilize weapon and have special powers in the game.

All you Need to know about Destiny 2 Titan Skating Glitch!

Three Classes

In Destiny 2 the players took up the role of guardians, there three different classes of guardians and each of them have unique abilities, perks and upgrades. There are three sub-classes like Human, Awoken and Exo. By these players can create their own characters and the play style differs based on this divisions.

Titan Skating

The unique ability of Titan is jumping they can go up and forward. So this makes them move faster than other classes of players. If you are a console player, you need a particular knack to do it. But if you are a PC player, you can easily move faster by using a macro (key bindings). The players who don’t use macros don’t see any differences.

All you Need to know about Destiny 2 Titan Skating Glitch!

Benefits of Destiny 2 Titan Skating

As we saw earlier, Titan Skating helps the Titan class players to move extremely fast. There are other kinds of benefits that they can get by using this. In small competitive maps of Destiny 2, these players can reach the destination faster than others. It is also a great benefit in firefights. In a post Bungie says that, “Players utilizing these unconventional methods are effectively able to exceed the bounds of expected Guardian movement speed so drastically that it creates an unfair advantage when it comes to the fundamentals of combat gameplay like aiming, positioning, and even networking to some degree”.

Patch 2.2.0

So to nerf this advantage, Bungie the developers of Destiny 2 created a patch work. Patch 2.2.0 is the patch that removed this advantage. It is still possible for Titans to move faster, but it is lesser when compared to the previous times, says Bungie. Some players says that still you can do Titan Skating  by making heavy attack and the press jump button and air dodge at the same time.

Thus these are the details about the Titan Skating in Destiny 2 which is the special advantage to Titans in the game.

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