Tri Force Heroes Demo Code: Here’s How To Get Them

    For those who have missed The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes demo code for the Nintendo 3DS, you need not worry. In case you have missed, or did not get the demo codes, there is a clever way to still get them. Here is how…

    How to get the demo code

    Tri Force Heroes Demo Code: Here's How To Get Them
    The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a 2015 action-adventure game by Nintendo 3DS and Grezzo.


    Nintendo gives three codes per email. Obviously, you only need one of them. The remaining two are for your friends, as Nintendo suggests. But most of the players actually have no one to hand the remaining two codes over, and hence they hand them over to the public. As usual, social media is your savior in this matter.

    Go to Twitter and search for hashtag #TriForceHeroes. There are hordes of orphaned codes out there, and more are uploaded every minute. This is a great place for getting a demo code, and not only just one.

    With this method, you can find yourself a demo code almost instantly. Nintendo sometimes skips some emails due to its randomizing mail pattern, but now you should have nothing to worry about.

    About the Game

    Tri Force Heroes Demo Code: Here's How To Get Them
    The game lacks the ability to be played by two players, which has been criticized. The campaign is single-player or three-player.


    The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a 2015 action-adventure game Grezzo and Nintendo EPD. This is the second Nintendo 3DS game of The Legend of Zelda series and features a multiplayer campaign with three players. This game is a bit different from the predecessors. TriForce Heroes contains online support and also the need for co-operation. The game involves solving puzzles and defeating enemies as you progress.

    The game can be either played alone or with three players, but not with two. In absence of multiplayer characters, players can control doll-like characters. The visual and graphics are similar to the game’s predecessor, A Link Between Worlds.

    There is also a free DLC of the game, which gives the player costumes and a new dungeon. The game won the Game Critics Awards for the Best Handheld/Mobile Game. Players reacted well to the multiplayer campaign but criticized the single-player mode and the lack of a two-player mode. Overall, the game received positive comments and sold more than a million copies in one year worldwide.

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