Assassins’ Creed Games Ranked: Worst to Best

We all have to admit, Ubisoft has given us one of the best adventure game series ever. Assassins’ Creed started way back in 2007, and since then, none of the titles have let us down. Still, there are good times and bad times for everything. In this list, we rank the games and find out which of them is the best of the bests.

Some descriptions may contain a little number of spoilers, but not enough to ruin your gameplay experience.

Assassins’ Creed: Unity

Assassins' Creed Games Ranked: Worst to Best

The worst title award goes to the 2014 game. Players are very much aware of why it is so. The game contains many bugs and awful glitches. Even though the story is good, the gameplay is not, and players went furious about that. Ubisoft had to apologize for the bugs and provided downloadable content as compensation. Yet, the game experience is a nightmare to the Assassins’ Creed fans.

Assassins’ Creed: Rogue

Assassins' Creed Games Ranked: Worst to Best

This game is bad only because it is short. The game was released after Black Flag and failed to deliver as expected. Everything in the game, from the stealth to the combat styles is disappointing.

Assassins’ Creed: Syndicate

Assassins' Creed Games Ranked: Worst to Best

This game had a lot of potentials when it was planned. The series had finally reached the Victorian Era and was focused on England. But the campaign was not well designed. The female protagonist of the game was neglected many times, and the story failed to be a masterpiece. The gameplay issues include problems with motion blur effects and occasional lags while moving fast. Overall, the 2015 game failed to be a memory for the fans.

Assassins’ Creed: Revelations

Assassins' Creed Games Ranked: Worst to Best

This game is actually good when you start playing it. The gameplay is nice and there are not many bugs. The problems were all fixed by Ubisoft, so no complaints about that. The issue remains with the title itself. It says ‘Revelations’, but it does not reveal much. It is not a bad game, but there is nothing in it that will make us put it upwards in the list.

Assassins’ Creed III

Assassins' Creed Games Ranked: Worst to Best

This game disappoints with the campaign mode. The story is strange and ends abruptly. Though it explains everything happening, players are left confused and baffled as to the end credits roll in. The American world is great to look at, and the open-world locations are fun to explore. Players praised the multiplayer contents of the game. Overall, it was not a disaster, but not one of the finest from Ubisoft.

Assassins’ Creed

Assassins' Creed Games Ranked: Worst to Best

The first game was actually loved by the players, and that helped the series bud and flourish in the first place. However, if looked back now, the game contains stupid AI, repetitive gameplay, and very few alluring things. Yet, back in 2007, it proved to be nothing like what was there in the market. Ubisoft will always be remembered for this great creation. The series has spanned for almost a decade and a half now.

Assassins’ Creed: Valhalla

Assassins' Creed Games Ranked: Worst to Best

As we move up, we finally reach the point where none of the games are bad. Disadvantages are everywhere, and we have to live with them. Such is the case with the new and latest entry in the series, AC: Valhalla. While everything is good in this game and deserves praises, players criticize one thing Ubisoft has done. The game requires you to log in to your Ubisoft Connect account. This is a major disadvantage for many of the players. However, the game is excellent and the story marvelous.

Assassins’ Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassins' Creed Games Ranked: Worst to Best

This game follows a different timeline that shows Connor’s (the ACIII protagonist) father’s adventures. The game has many of its missions in seas, giving the players a different yet good gameplay. The campaign was short but side quests will keep you awake with this game for a long time. Also, this game ends Desmond’s journey in the series.

Assassins’ Creed: Odyssey

Assassins' Creed Games Ranked: Worst to Best

This is actually an impressive game. There is a big campaign, a bigger open world, and the chance to see the world like it was thousands of years ago. You will love everything in the game, from the combat to the exploration. And yes, for the first time in the series, you can choose your character. Ubisoft has done an impressive task with this game.

Assassins’ Creed: Origins

Assassins' Creed Games Ranked: Worst to Best

Also a BC era plot, this game precedes Odyssey. The plot takes place in ancient Egypt, uncovering various mysteries through its beautiful storyline. The game receives excellent reviews and ratings. Much of the praises go for the open world and the changes in the gameplay brought by Ubisoft after years of Deja Vu.

Assassins’ Creed II

Assassins' Creed Games Ranked: Worst to Best

This game is the second-best on our list, but it can well be the best one. It shows everything, from the beautiful living in Venice, Leonardo Da Vinci’s machines, arts, and a compelling storyline that will keep you hooked for the next game. Released way back in 2009, this game has proved that the series can be immortal in the fans’ minds. The faces and animation were not bad, but good when you think of games of the previous decade. Overall, this game is worth every penny you spend on it.

Assassins’ Creed: Brotherhood

Assassins' Creed Games Ranked: Worst to Best

The best on our list is the sequel to ASCII. Brotherhood takes us into the life of Ezio Auditore and immerses us into a fantastic twisting storyline. The ending is one of the best endings of AC series history, and the game also contains side missions that are fun to play. Desmond’s journey continues to the next two games but is best shown here. Also, the gameplay and graphics are improved from the last game, making it better to play.

Final Verdict

We ranked the games we think are the best on the list. Assassins’ Creed is a great franchise, and they will continue to impress the fans for many years to come. Ubisoft has done and been doing a great job with the creation and development of the games.

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