The Walking Dead Season 2: Choices That Matter!

Telltale Games is famous for its franchise, The Walking Dead. The game series contains four titles, all of which are story-based adventure games. In this article, we choose the second game and find out what are the major choices that affect the game story.

WARNING: The article contains major spoilers…

Choice 1: Save Pete or Nick

The Walking Dead Season 2: Choices That Matter!

The first major choice occurs towards the end of Episode 1. This choice is apparently important because this is a life and death scenario for two of the main characters in the game.

We can choose “Save Nick” or “Save Pete”. Prior to this, we se Pete getting bit by a walker and struggling to find some cover. While Nick is surrounded by walkers and desperately needs help.

Saving Pete will show Nick running away successfully. Saving Nick will show Pete getting attacked by the walkers and dying. Though, saving Pete will also result in him dying later, the first few minutes of Episode 2 will be different.

Choice 2: Vouch for Nick

The Walking Dead Season 2: Choices That Matter!

The second important choice comes in Episode 2, where the base is attacked by walkers. Having killed Walter’s friend, Nick has hid the matter to Walter. It is up to Clementine (i.e. you) whether you should tell Walter the truth. This choice, coupled with previous actions, determine whether Walter will help Nick or leave him to die.

If you choose to vouch for Nick, Walter will help him in the fight. Else, Nick dies after getting attacked by the walkers. If Nick is saved, he will eventually die in Episode 4

Choice 3: Look for Kenny and Luke

The Walking Dead Season 2: Choices That Matter!

In the same episode, at the end, we find choosing one of the two options – go out and find Luke and Kenny or sit tight and find an opportunity to defeat the invaders (Carver and his men).

Though it seems deciding and the following actions will depend on what you choose, the end result is the same. Kenny comes back and you all are captured by Carver.

Choice 4: Cut Sarita’s Arm

The Walking Dead Season 2: Choices That Matter!

At the end of Episode 3, Kenny’s love Sarita is in a situation where her wrist is being bitten by a walker. Clementine holds an axe. You decide whether to use it on the walker or cut her arm directly, so that the poison does not spread.

This choice actually tests your common sense. If you cut her arm, she will yell, bringing more walkers and eventually die. If not, she will still die, but in a much peaceful way later. Also, cutting her arm will make Kenny furious and blame you for her death.

Choice 5: A Slap That Works

The Walking Dead Season 2: Choices That Matter!

Another choice in the episode is when you have to make Sarah move. She seems disheartened and shocked, and she won’t move despite walkers knocking the front door. Here, you have many choices, dialogue options and the legendary (yes) slap!

Go for it, and you will make her move and escape the walkers. If not, she stays and dies in the room while others escape through the roof.

Choice 6: Kenny or Jane

The Walking Dead Season 2: Choices That Matter!

Here is the time you need to be really serious, because this choice will affect the ending. There are four possible endings of the game, and the ending will change the stories in the following games.

Here, choosing Kenny will make you shoot Jane and stay with him. Choosing Jane will shoot Kenny and go with her. Neglecting i.e. doing nothing will make Kenny kill Jane eventually.

You can choose to be with Kenny/Jane after the scene, or you can choose to walk away on your own with the newborn Alvin Junior. These choices will change the entire flashback scenes in the next game of the series, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier.

Choice 7: The Emotional Attack

The Walking Dead Season 2: Choices That Matter!

The final choice occurs if you choose to stay with Kenny in the previous choice. You two head to the Wellington, when you are informed that only Clementine can stay in there. The place is safe and resourceful, but Kenny will have to leave.

Your choices will make the ending different, and whatever you choose, be prepared for some tears. If you move to Wellington, you will see Kenny leave after giving her blessings. If not, you two are still together.

Other Minor Choices

The game is full of choices and every now and then, you need to decide something. There are options like killing a dog, swearing, choosing someone to be friends with and also helping the person you want. Although these choices do not directly affect the storyline in the long run, they provide you with different tasks and somewhat change the gameplay experience.

Final Verdict

The game has lots to explore, and you need to play more than once if you need to experiment with all the choices. Like other titles of the series, Telltale Games has done a beautiful job bringing brutality and emotions all together. The story revolves around Clementine, an eleven-year old girl who faces things that are too harsh for children.

The game released in 2013, and was followed by The Walking Dead: A New Frontier and then The Walking Dead: The Final Season. The final instalment of the game was released in 2018.

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