Horizon Zero Dawn Brings A New ‘Difficulty’ in the Game!

    Horizon Zero Dawn  is a 2017 action-adventure role-playing game by Guerrilla Games. The game lets players explore its open world and fight opponents to cross stages. Recently, the developers introduced a new difficulty in the game. They call it the “Story” difficulty.

    Story Difficulty

    Horizon Zero Dawn Brings A New 'Difficulty' in the Game!


    Many players play adventure games just for the sake of roaming around and experiencing the thrill of the locations. This game difficulty is directed towards them, who consider combat to be a distraction. According to Guerrilla, this game mode will make combat easier so that players can focus more on the story and exploration.

    This difficulty is also great for inexperienced players. Many players consider combat to be the hardest part of the game. Also sometimes, combat can be frustrating too. Players who do not want much violence can choose this mode.

    The developers have assured that this mode contains maximum player health and minimum damage dealt features. This mode is brought to the game in the Update Patch 1.32.

    The last update patch, 1.30 added the just-opposite difficulty level. The developers called it “Ultra Hard”. Here, players have the chance to experience the game in the hardest difficulty. Not for the faint-hearted.

    The developers are currently working hard for the new expansion of the game, entitled The Frozen Wilds. The Update 1.32 also brings lots of bug fixes and gameplay improvements

    About the Game

    Horizon Zero Dawn Brings A New 'Difficulty' in the Game!

    Horizon Zero Dawn released in 2017 and is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is available in PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. It is one of the best-selling PS4 games. The game revolves around Aloy, a young girl who hunts down enemies to try to uncover the mysteries of her past life. The game contains different weapons and machines, and also a skill tree for bonuses. A sequel to this game is releasing this year for PS5 devices.

    The game was the bestseller in UK and Australia, and it was the most successful game launch ever. By 2019, Guerrilla sold 10 million PS4 copies of the game, making it one of the best-selling PS4 games.

    The game received numerous nominations. It won Best Original Game from the Game Critics Awards, best Preview/Vision from Gamescom 2016, and also the Most Promising New Intellectual Property from the SXSW Awards. It also received nominations from the Game Developers Choice Awards and 14th British Academy Games Awards.

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