Resident Evil 2: Why Is The Remake Winner Among Horror Titles?

    Resident Evil 2 has been remade in 4K in 2019, and the end product has sold more copies than the original. A 1998 game, Resident Evil 2 Remake was in the plans for four long years, before they finally brought in to us. Why is it so popular? Let’s have a look.

    A Remake Better than the Original

    Resident Evil 2: Why Is The Remake Winner Among Horror Titles?
    Play as Leon or Claire and win against the apocalypse.


    People generally do not want remakes of classic arts, and Resident Evil 2 was already a popular game dozens of years back. But following the successful remake of the title’s first game, Resident Evil, they had this game in their plans since 2015. They have finally done what the fans expected them to do. Deliver a masterpiece.

    Keeping everything almost the same, the events have been rearranged a bit. The storyline that has been praised back in 1998, has been kept intact. This makes the remake good, and it does not ruin any expectations. The game went on to win multiple awards and nominations in 2019 and has sold almost 8 million copies. The graphics and gameplay have been improved to modernize the game a lot.

    The game also features DLCs that are also thrilling to play.

    The Plot and Gameplay (No Spoilers)

    Apocalypse plots are in plenty nowadays, and you need to be good in development to be able to be popular in this field now. Thanks to Capcom, the game is excellent in all aspects. The plot is full of twists, the story filled with horror, and the zombies created beautifully. The locations, such as the police station, remain just like the original title. The environment creation deserves special applause too, with the modern game engines really doing the trick. The new inclusions are the handy autosave feature and manually saves feature, which was absent in the original game.

    You can play as Leon or Claire, and the end result is not identical.

    Ambiance Rules

    Resident Evil 2: Why Is The Remake Winner Among Horror Titles?
    The game is filled with horror scenes, scary sounds, and a creepy ambiance that makes the gameplay immersive.


    The game has been created keeping jump-scares and creeps in mind. Hence, we find less music and more SFX in the background score. Things like doors squeaking, thunder, and eerie footsteps on the floor while you walk are all in there. With headphones, you will be lost in a scary little world of gaming. The original locations are all there, plus some new additions that are impressive.

    Though some things are missing from the original title, owing to modernization. The giant spider is no longer there to haunt you. And yes, the haunting voice echoing the game name in your ears is missing too. But nothing else has changed much.

    Final Verdict

    There is a lot to expect in the remake of this game even if you have played the original game yesterday. The locations are spooky, the zombies are intelligent, the gameplay enhanced and the graphics greatly improved. The developers kept the best parts of the original title and stripped off the remaining while adding something much impressive to compensate. This serves as a lesson for all the remakes being planned for every piece of art in the world.

    The game is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation4, and Xbox One devices. Resident Evil 2 received a 10/10 score in Steam, multiple awards, and nominations, most notably from the Game of the Year Awards 2019 and The Game Critics Awards 2019.

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