Everything about Devil Survivor 2 : Record Breaker DLC!

Devil Survivor is the tactical role-playing game developed by Atlus. The expansion of this game is called Shin Migame Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker DLC. Let’s see about the DLC here.

Devil Survivor 2 sets in the whole country of Japan and it is about the story of Japanese High school students who got the power to summon demons and fight mysterious creatures which are invading and destroying the country. It is developed and published by Atlus for Nintendo DS.

Everything about Devil Survivor 2 : Record Breaker DLC!


Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker is the enhanced version of Devil Survivor 2 released for Nintendo 3DS on May 5, 2015. This new DLC has both free and paid content of the game. They are as follows

Free content

  • Beginner’s Brawl
  • Lost Demon Rescue

Paid content (costs about $0.99)

  • Macca makes an Escape
  • All skills must go
  • Let the demons grow
  • Addonetarium

Let’s see what you have to do in these challenges and what are the things you will gain from these parts of the game in detail.

Everything about Devil Survivor 2 : Record Breaker DLC!


Beginner’s Brawl

In this part, you have to attack the enemy monsters. Though those enemies are weak, they will know you down easily, if you are not careful in the game. By defeating them, you will earn Macca (demonic currency) so that you can get worthy demons at Demon Auction and make them as your team.

Lost Demon Rescue

Players have to save the two demons who were stuck between two hordes. Rescue the demons and protect the demon. If you correctly do it, you will make this demon your team member. So rescue and add strength to your team.

Macca makes an Escape

Players have to chase the demons in this part. Demons ran away with Macca in their pockets, you have to chase the demons and get the Macca. Demons have three times the usual amount of Macca. But you must fight them as they still fight you with the weight they carry.

Everything about Devil Survivor 2 : Record Breaker DLC!

All skills must go

On the battlefield, memory sticks that have powerful skills within them will be scattered. There are demons who are around the sticks who will abduct them. So use non-combat skills that slow down the enemies or speed up your own party. Make sure you get those sticks from the demons as they will be wasted if you miss those sticks.

Let the demons grow

It is the old-fashioned free for all battle. Demons have extra experience points, beat them and earn more XP, and level up your entire party.


This is the battle for higher-level characters but still, it is beneficial for the middle game. As it will make you implement add-ons to your fusion. Add-ons give fused demons a specific bonus and give power to demons.

That’s about it, play the DLC Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker and have fun.

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