Skyrim Heathfire- How to Get A Pet Dog?

Are you a dog person and want to get a pet dog in Skyrim? Now you can!

Skyrim Heathfire- How to Get A Pet Dog?

In Skyrim, there are a bunch of animals you can adopt as a pet, like wild wolves, foxes that you can find in the wild. But when it comes to the best friend of humans- dogs, you need to look at some specific locations if you wish to have them as a pet. But don’t worry! We’ll talk about those locations and the exact ways to get your pet dog. 😉

How to Adopt them as a Pet?

Follow these simple steps!

First and foremost, you must have a house where you want your pet dog to stay. If you don’t have then you need to buy one. Then you just have to pick which dog you want to have, as you find dogs in a number of locations.

2. When you have a home, you can take any dog to your home and tell it to stay there and wait for you. It will stay there.

3. Which Dog to get? Here are the dogs you can find:

Meeko The Dog

Skyrim Heathfire- How to Get A Pet Dog?

Location:  You’ll find Meeko at Meeko’s Shack out in the woods, east of the Dragon Bridge and south of Solitude Sawmill. There maybe a chance that he may not be there when you go, but he’ll be out wandering in the jungle. Wait for some time, or use a wait system for an hour or two. When he comes, he’ll go inside the shack and start whining and stay there. You’ll realize that his master is in his bed, dead. Probably died during sleep and left behind his dog, and it kinda breaks our heart knowing that dog is still waiting for him to wake up, or is just really sad and doesn’t want to let go.

When you talk to the dog, he’ll easily be ready to go with you, maybe because he’s desperate and in need of love. The dog will start following you, then you can take the dog at home and keep as a pet.

Vigilance, A War Dog

Skyrim Heathfire- How to Get A Pet Dog?

Location: Regarded as the best stats dog in the game, he’s an excellent companion but is not free. To find the dog, you will have to go to the Markarth stables and talk to Banning here and there, he will offer to sell you the dog for 500 gold. Once fought, the dog will become your companion and you can take it to your home.


Stray Dog

Skyrim Heathfire- How to Get A Pet Dog?

Location: You can find a stray dog as well in some instances that you can then keep as your pet. Sometimes you can randomly encounter a stray dog in the woods fighting with two wolves. When you save the dog and talk to it, you can make him your pet.


Bran the Husky

Skyrim Heathfire- How to Get A Pet Dog?

Requirement: Dawnguard DLC

Location: First you need to have the dawnguard DLC and access to the dawnguard fortress. You’ll find Bran near a small campfire and when you talk to him, you can invite him to come to slay some vampires with you and then make him your pet.

So which one you want to get? Meeko with a heart-wrenching story, or Vigilance the wardog on sale, or the rare stray dog or Bran the husky from Dawnguard DLC? Tell you your favorite down in the comments!

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