Pokemon Go Horror Stories That will Shock You!

Pokemon Go is one of the highest grossing game. We can’t deny it but what if we say that this game is more famous for the player’s crazy acts while playing the game. Let’s see the horror stories of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game that means it uses the mobile devices with GPS to locate capture, train and battle the virtual creatures called Pokemon. That is where it all started.As this games use real world locations, players have to go there and capture these Pokemon, where all the mischievous and most dangerous things happen like players became victims of robbery, finding a dead body, got bad injuries on body and even lost their lives.

Pokemon Go Horror Stories That will Shock You!

Horror Stories

Pokemon Go makes players to go crazy for the imaginary creature called Pokemon. They started to risk everything to own these creatures. Video games are accused of being a doom to younger generation as it makes them addicted to it. Pokemon Go is one such game that makes players addictive and make them to forget the rest of the world.

Let’s see some strange stories, better to say thoughtless acts happened as a result of playing this game.

Teen girl discovers a dead body

A 19 years old girl from Riverton found a dead body in Wind River while trying to catch a Pokemon near a water body. She went there searching for a Pokemon, when she went on bridge saw something weird floating on the water and it turns to be a dead body. Yes, it’s true and we don’t know how she get over from this awful experience.

Victims of Robbery

As this game uses the GPS of the phone, some theives in Missouri take this as a leverage and lure players to a particular place and robbed them. Though police arrested the theives later, it’s still surprising how people are mad over the game.

Pokemon Go Horror Stories That will Shock You!

Bones got broken

A player who was playing the game sincerely, got to break his collar bone. Like this many players sprained their ankles, got brusied, getting wet to catch cold and got many injuries. In California much dangerous thing got happened, two people fell of from the cliff by sticking their eyes on phone.

Teens were mistook for bulgars

In Florida, Marowak and Tauros shot by the owner of the house as they were waiting outside the house while searching for Pokemon. The owner mistook them for bulgars and shot them. Fortunately, the bullet hit the car and they got escaped.

Border battle

We all know what is happening between North and South Korea. What if I say this Pokemon Go induced South Koreans to go near the North Korean border in search of Pokemon. Yes, it truly happened, City of Sokcho in South Korea is 20 miles away from North Korea’s border. People from Seoul took bus to reach Sokcho to play this game. Craziness at it’s highest, there was even Pokemon Go bus tickets from Seoul to Sokcho were sold.

These are horror stories of Pokemon Go. Playing games is not a sin but it must not disturb the others around us. People must know this.

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