Ubisoft is Making a New Star Wars Open World Game: Here’s What We Know!

    Ubisoft is popular for creating many games and universes. Assassins’ Creed, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, every one of the games is great. Recently, the developers announced that they are on making a new Star Wars Open-World Game. But we may have to wait for quite some time before we can get our hands on the console and try that game.

    Star Wars Open World

    Ubisoft is Making a New Star Wars Open World Game: Here's What We Know!

    Lucasfilm and Ubisoft are collaborating on making this new open-world game. The game will be story-driven and will have lots to watch and do. According to the Ubisoft website, the game will use the new Snowdrop Engine, making the visuals and gameplay better than ever. The development will be led by Massive Entertainment. In an interview with Ubisoft News, the developers at Massive had to speak much about the game. Clearly, they are excited to be a part of this project. You can read the whole interview here:

    The developers talked about the new game engine, the uniqueness of the game, the features fans should expect to see, and more. The speakers were Julian Gerighty and David Polfeldt.

    When Can We Expect the Game?

    The game is currently under development and nothing is known about the time when we finally get to see the game. Massive Entertainment is also developing Avatar. Avatar 2-5 is releasing over this decade, and people at Massive are busy with the project. Avatar 2 is set to release on 16th December 2022, while Avatar 5 is expected to launch later in 2028. With a packed schedule, the developers are yet to give a fixed time for the release of the Star Wars game. But, it is safe to say that it is not coming within the next two years.

    Ubisoft is Making a New Star Wars Open World Game: Here's What We Know!

    Douglas Reilly of Lucasfilm shared a few words regarding the planning of the game:

    “We’ve got a lot of stuff we’re ready to start sharing with fans, because we’ve been working quietly behind the scenes for a while now, waiting for this moment.”

    “We’re really excited about an opportunity to work with the team at Massive, led by David Polfeldt and the creative director, Julian Gerighty. We’ve spent almost a year now, working to get to know them and what they want to bring to the table. I’m a huge fan of them, personally. I think we’re really excited about where that project is going, because they have a unique vision for the story and the game they want to deliver.”

    The game was announced in January 2021 and promises to work with the best talents in the industry and deliver an unforgettable Star Wars experience for the players. Sometime in the future.

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