Dying Light Legend Level, Skills & Point Table!

    Dying Light : The following is an expansion of Dying Light game released in February 2016. It has this new Legend level which is hard to attain. Let’s see what is that legend level means in Dying Light: The Following.

    Dying Light is the survival horror game where players took up the role of Kyle Crane who infiltrate into a quarantined zone in Middle Eastern city called Harran. It is an open world game and players play in first person perspective. Legend level adds more abilities to Crane in the game.

    Legend Level

    Legend level is the iconic feature of the expansion of Dying Light called The Following. It allows players to expand Crane’s abilities even after he reached the main campaign limit. You can unlock this new Legend skills by playing the nightmare mode.

    Dying Light Legend Level, Skills & Point Table!

    Skills in the game

    There are five skills avalaible in the game for Kyle Crane to be learnt through out the course of game. They are

    • Survivor
    • Agility
    • Power
    • Driver
    • Legend

    Legend skills is attained by unlocking any three basic skills. You have to make these basic skills achieve it’s higher rank. For example to attain legend level you need to make the survivor skill to it’s highest rank 25 likewise Agility to 24 and Power to 24.

    Skill points

    You need to gather experience points to gain skill points which in turn unlocks the skills. You can gather skill points by doing quests, helping survivors, completing challenges, freerunning, driving, completing bounties and killing enemies.

    Dying Light Legend Level, Skills & Point Table!

    There are certain actions to be done for increasing certain skill. Like for example you can perform difficult Parkour activities at night to increase agility skill points and kill zombies at night to increase power skill points.

    Seperate points table

    In the Dying Light game, there is a seperate point table is made for Legend level. After attaining the legend level, your points associated with Legend level will be added to this point table. Other newly gathered points from original field is included in overall scores.

    Skills vs weapon

    As a weapon-based combat game, Dying Light needs players to have various weapons to kill the zombies they come across. By attaining the majority of skills not only adds abilities to Crane but also increases the weapon damages and increases your life bar. So try to unlock the skills in the game.

    That’s about it, these are the details about the legend level in Dying Light game.

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