Dead Rising 4 Multiplayer Mode: Features & Gameplay!

Dead Rising 4 is solemnly made for single player mode. But still you can play with your friends in split screen mode. Isn’t it confusing? Let’s see how you can play Dead Rising 4 with your friends.

Dead Rising 4 is the survival game in which players took up the role of Frank to explore the surrounding and battle against group of zombies. The game mainly centres on him so this game allows only a single player into the game. Still you can play with your friends but it is slightly different from other games.

Multiplayer mode

Capcom the developers of the game decided to make this game as a single player mode because they want to focus on telling Frank’s story and excited to bring him back. And at the same time they don’t want to dissatisfy the fans, so they made a multiplayer mode but feature it off the original story line.

Dead Rising 4 Multiplayer Mode: Features & Gameplay!


The features of this seperate multiplayer or co-op mode is as follows

  • Allows up to four players
  • Online mode
  • Off from the original story
  • Have seperate episodes
  • Skills are different from single player mode

In this mode you can play with your four friends and it must be online. This storyline is completely seperated from the original storyline. This mode have seperate challenges in different number of episodes. Special Multiplayer tree is added so that skills from the single-player mode don’t get mixed up.

Dead Rising 4 Multiplayer Mode: Features & Gameplay!


As Dead Rising 4 a survival game, this multiplayer mode needs the players to survive and complete various challenges and trails within the Willamette mall. These tasks are separated into different episodes. Players need to complete one episode to unlock the next one. At the beginning of the game players start in a safe house from where they have to go out and kill the zombies in the mall and get back to the house at the end. The prestige points of this multiplayer mode is collected seperately and must not be included to the single player mode.

The original story line of the game is that Frank come back to Willamette valley to know the reason behind the zombie apocalypse. His goal is to explore the surrounding and battle against the group of zombies. This story is totally seperate from this multiplayer mode. Your multiplayer mode won’t change anything here.

Thus this is how you can play Dead Rising 4 with your friends in split screen.

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