One Piece : World Seeker Gameplay and Review!

    One Piece : World Seeker is the video game adapted from a manga anime series called One Piece. Let’s see the One Piece: World Seeker gameplay and it’s review.

    The action adventure game One Piece : World Seeker is developed by Ganbarion and published by Namco Entertainment. It sets in the open world environment where players took up the role of Monkey D. Puffy and plays the game in third person point of view. It is released on March 15, 2019 and it is available in Play Station 4, Xbox one and Microsoft windows.


    One Piece: World Seeker is adapted from the manga anime series called One Piece. It is based on Monkey D. Luffy who with his ship pirates arrived on a strange Island called Prison Island in a new world. There is no treasure there and the ship pirates scattered across the Island.


    Players took up the role of Monkey D. Luffy and explore the open world Island. They take up the battles and combat. Luffy with the power of legendary Gum Gum fruit uncovers the secrets hidden inside the Prison Island.


    Excellent Story

    The story of the One Piece : World Seeker is one of the plus point of the game. It is narrated through the cut scenes which is told by full voice of the usual cast Rikiya Koyama and Ayumi Fujimura as Issac and Jeanne. The story of the game progress much better than the actual gameplay while the game goes on to the next level.

    One Piece : World Seeker Gameplay and Review!

    Usual Open World game

    As an iconic open world game, One Piece : World Seeker makes the players to move from one place to other to collect waypoints. They have to beat up bosses of side quests, collecting treasures and finding chests like every open world game. These repetition of challenges makes the game little tiresome.

    Powerless Enemies

    Enemies of the game are not much powerfull. They get knocked down easily by stances and it is like clicking on the same button for a long time. Only few enemies like shielded marines and robots that needs ranged attacks other than that no enemies make us fierce to kill them.

    One Piece : World Seeker Gameplay and Review!


    Characters in the original manga was fabulous but in the game the importance is not given to all characters. There are not glorified in the game much but been used just as non player characters. Zoro comes out strangely in some quests and asks players to do something. Usopp sells equipments in the game which are little unfair.

    This is the gameplay and review of One Piece: World Seeker.

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