Marvel Strike Force: Alliance War Mode a Winner Among Marvel Games?

We do not get to see good mobile games often. Marvel Strike Force is one such rare case, which can be the mobile game you want if you are a Marvel fan. We look into the game and discuss its one amazing mode, called Alliance Wars.

Marvel Strike Force: The Game

Who would not want to fight with an army of Marvel characters? Especially if the game is present in your convenient handheld devices? FoxNext has you all covered. Its action game, Marvel Strike Force, is a winner of role-playing games for Marvel lovers. Players can collect and use their favourite Marvel characters, and there’s hordes of them, and fight in a turn-based action-packed battle. There is also a simple little story, if that makes things better for you.

Marvel Strike Force: Alliance War Mode a Winner Among Marvel Games?

The game has numerous modes, like Arena, Raids, Blitz, Versus, Alliance War, Challenges and Real Time Arena. Each of the modes is interesting and fun to play. However, we are here to talk about the mode that we think stands out from the rest.

Alliance War Mode

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This mode is a 24 hour challenge and needs alliances to work together. The objective of the mode is to destroy the enemy Helicarrier while defending the home Helicarrier. The gameplay is not as simple as it sounds, though. Players need strategic decisions and planning to make the right move.

Marvel Strike Force: Alliance War Mode a Winner Among Marvel Games?

Winning the battle gives you lots of rewards, from different shards to Elite War credits. There are two sets of eight defense teams, and twelve rooms in total. The war ends when the whole 24 hours countdown elapses. The side with the maximum points wins the battle. The gameplay includes everything strategic, from selecting your squads to deploying them effectively. The rooms are unlocked based on your gameplay. Some rooms need to be carefully attacked as adjacent rooms also play important roles in the game.

There are lots of guides regarding how you should play the mode correctly and win the battles. You can check them out. We recommend

About the Game

Marvel Strike Force is set in the Marvel Universe and enables you to collect and play with your favourite Marvel character. The game released for Android and iOS on 28th March, 2018. The game received positive reviews and nomination for the Game of the Year Award from SXSW Gaming Awards. There are hundreds of characters to collect and battle with.

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