Hand of Fate 2 Walkthrough: Full Guide!

    Hand of Fate 2 is the dungeon crawler and an action role-playing game in which your game play is based on your choice of cards which determines your progress in the game. Let’s see the walkthrough of Hand of Fate 2.

    We can divide this game Hand of Fate 2 into two parts one is the progress of cards and the other is the combat part. But the two parts are interlinked. You keep on unlocking the cards by your choice of cards which in turn help you to win the combats easily.

    Hand of Fate 2 Walkthrough: Full Guide! Hand of Fate 2 Walkthrough: Full Guide!

    The Quests

    The combat portion of the game got improved than it’s last season combat. The Defiant developers has added combat companions and 22 new quests to the game. After the completion of quests players get equipments and artifacts in the game. Choosing right cards and equipment can make you finish the quest easier. The 22 quests are as follows

    • The Fool (reclaim your father’s amulet)
    • The Magician (defeat teror of westwend)
    • The High Priestess (battle with champions)
    • The Empress (defeat shaman)
    • The Emperor (find 4 relics & 28 encounter cards)
    • The Hierophant (find 3 assassins who plot to kill father Galfri)
    • The lovers (Keep Oswin safe and find his murderous lover)
    • The Chariot (help Estrella to rescue citizens)
    • Strength (confront Draknar)
    • The Hermit (find Mage before emperor finds him)
    • The Wheel (defeat black knight)
    •  Justice (build the fort with the gathered wood and stone)
    • The Hanged man (rescue villagers)
    • Death (safeguard yourself from the reaper)
    • Temperance (go to Bridgemore & defeat Death Mage)
    • Devil (rescue your companions)
    • The Tower (rescue sorceress)
    • The Star (find artifacts & close 4 portals)
    • The Moon (gather 12 conspirators & find the way to palace)
    • The Sun (infiltrate into the palace & kill the emperor)
    • Judgement (escape the city & go to Caravan)
    • The World (defeat all enemies)

    Before each quest you can change your deck of cards you already unlocked. Choice of cards plays a vital role in the gameplay. So choose vice and play the game.

    Hand of Fate 2 Walkthrough: Full Guide!


    There are four companions who join you in the course of the gameplay. They help you in the quest with their special powers. Let’s see the companions and their strength here.

    • Malaclypse : The Magician who makes a protective shield around you that last untill you get hit by the enemies.
    • Calbjorn : He is a Northerner who attack at your enemies and hold them for a short while.
    • Estrella : The Empire soldier who has ranged attack as his power.
    • Ariadne : He is the blacksmith who has special ability that smashes through the armour of the enemies.

    From this you can get a complete walkthrough of the Hand of Fate 2.

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