World War 2 MMO Now Available for Xbox Series X, ps 5, and PC

Enlisted is the new World War 2 game, now available in Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 consoles. It is a free-to-play immersive action game, developed by DarkFlow Software. Gaijin Entertainment has announced the release of the beta version of the game.

Enlisted: World War 2 MMO

Enlisted: World War 2 is the latest product in the list of World War 2 action games. The gameplay was revealed by Gaijin Entertainment in May 2020. The game takes players through the story of the legendary battle. There are two campaigns, The Battle of Moscow and The Invasion of Normandy.

World War 2 MMO Now Available for Xbox Series X, ps 5, and PC

The gameplay primarily consists of players controlling the troops and command the soldiers to win the war. DarkFlow has promised that new campaigns are coming soon.  Not only that, the developers have promised to bring new weapons, vehicles and game modes into it. The game also contain DLCs found in store.

How to Participate in the BETA Test?

For quite some time, the game was in closed BETA test, meaning only a limited number of players could play it. Now, the developers have turned it into an open BETA test. This means, all the players globally can try this game for free. The game is available across PlayStation 5 consoles, Microsoft Windows and XBox Series.

For PS5 and Xbox Series players, entering the BETA test is as simple as clicking the game by navigating it in the store. However, for computer gamers, you will need a Gaijin account. After creation of the account, head to the Gaijin forum post and download the Windows launcher.

World War 2 MMO Now Available for Xbox Series X, ps 5, and PC

System Requirements

One of the most important, and somewhat scary, moments is when you check if your system is capable of running a game. Luckily, Enlisted does not demand much juice from the devices, making it playable in most of the machines. The minimum requirements are Windows 7 or newer OS version, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i3 or equivalent processor, DirectX11 and Nvidia GeForce 660 or better, AMD Radeon series 78XX or better. The recommended specifications are Windows 7 or newer OS version with Intel Core i5 (or equivalent) processor, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 1060 or better, AMD Radeon series RX480 or better video card and 12GB hard disk space.

Final Verdict

Free games are becoming the trend nowadays, with popular games like Rocket League and Destiny 2 releasing without any price tag. Enlisted promises a new and immersive experience, which realistic campaigns and combat. Visit their official website,!/ to know more about the game.

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