Subnautica : Aurora Codes of the doors!

    Players should know the Aurora Codes to unlock the doors in the spacecraft called Aurora in Subnautica. Here you can find list of all the Aurora door codes.

    Subnautica is the underwater adventure game set on an alien ocean planet. In this game you can find a spaceship that is downed into the ocean. You might think it’s inaccessible, but you can get inside it and find loots and other items. For that you need the code to unlock the doors inside the ship.

    Entry into the ship

    At the start of the game you couldn’t enter into the Aurora Ship. You have to wait until the engine exploding movement. This will open up the ship, so that you can enter into it. Aurora Codes are required to open the locked doors inside the Aurora. But before entering the spaceship, you need some tools to safeguard yourself.

    Subnautica : Aurora Codes of the doors!


    As a open world survival action adventure game, Subnautica wants the players to take out challenges and at the same time safeguard themselves from the surrounding environment in the game. Players required some tools while entering into the spaceship that safeguard themselves. They are as follows.

    • Radiation Suit : This is the must have item while entering into the spaceship. Because the radiation emitted from the ship is toxic, this radiation suit will save you from it.
    • Repair tool : You need this tool to repair the generator room in the spaceship to stop radiation that is emitted from it.
    • Laser Cutter : This tool is used to open the sealed doors in Aurora Spaceship.
    • Propulsion/ Repulsion Cannon : This instrument is used to clear the broken pieces of the Aurora Spaceship that are scattered across as it has exploded, so that you can move freely inside it.

    Aurora Codes

    After entering the spaceship, you need to unlock the doors to find out the loots inside it. There are five doors inside that spaceship, thier codes are as follows.

    • Captain’s Quarters : 2679
    • Cargo Bay : 1454
    • Robotic Bay : 6666
    • Cabin No.1 : 1869
    • Lab Access : 6483

    Search for the locked doors. Enter the codes on the screen next to the door and select the number in order. Use these codes, open it and make the loots as yours.

    Subnautica : Aurora Codes of the doors!

    Make sure you have the required tools before entering the spaceship. And then enter the apt codes to the locked doors to open them up.

    Thus these are Aurora Codes that you need to know to unlock the doors of Aurora Spaceship in Subnautica.

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