Destiny 2 Season 14 All-New Iron Banner Gun Revealed: How to get

    The online free-to-play first person shooter has revealed two new Iron Banner weapons. These two guns will be released in Season 14 of the game, in its Iron Banner mode. The game will also bring two reissued weapons in addition to the new ones.

    Iron Banner Activity

    The Tron Banner is one of the Destiny 2’s multiplayer mode, which can be played by 12 players. There are a number of game types in this activity, like Rift and Zone Control. Destiny 2 has previously not released any new weapons for Iron Banner mode, but now, they have revealed two new guns in their weekly post, This Week at Bungie.

    Destiny 2 Season 14 All-New Iron Banner Gun Revealed: How to get

    The New Weapons

    Destiny 2 brings two new weapons in its Season 14, while reissuing two of the existing weapons. The new weapons are a shotgun and a machine gun. The reissued weapons include a hand cannon and a sniper rifle. The game will also bring a new armour set, but not in the near seasons. The Season of the Chosen, the current season, will have its last Iron Banner event for seven days starting from April 13th at 17:00 hrs UTC. Later on in this season, Destiny 2 will bring the Guardian Games Event featuring an exotic sparrow.

    About the Game

    Destiny 2 or Destiny 2: New Light is a free-to-play action multiplayer game developed by Bungie. Originally released in 2017, it went free in October 2019. The game is available o play in PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. The gameplay includes the player taking charge of the Earth’s defense system and fighting against aliens to save the planet. The gameplay is critically acclaimed and received favourable reviews on websites like Metacritic.

    Destiny 2 Season 14 All-New Iron Banner Gun Revealed: How to get

    Since its release, the game has won numerous awards and has been nominated for even more. Among them are Game Critics Awards for best PC game 2017 (Won), Gamescom Awards 2017 for best Online Game (Won), Game Developers Choice Awards for best Technology (Nominated), The Game Awards 2018 for best action game (Nominated), and Gamescom Awards 2018 for Best Add-on/DLC (Won).

    Destiny 2 Season 14 will bring more action in the gameplay, and with the newly revealed weapons coming in the game, it looks like players are excited for it. The weapons will be available in Season 14, being the first time ever Destiny 2 is bringing reissued and new weapons in its Iron Banner mode in its history.

    Season 14 will start from May 11th and will continue till August 24th, so grab this opportunity to upgrade your arsenal. Season 14 also promises to bring raid from vanilla Destiny – Vault of Glass.

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