Dead Rising 4 Co-op mode : How Different it is from other Co-op Campaigns!

Death Rising 4 is the fourth sequence of the Death Rising series. There is a Co-op mode in this Death Rising 4. Let’s see how it works and how it is different from other Co-op Campaigns.

Like a usual Death Rising series, Death Rising 4 too starts with the return of Frank, the sarcastic photographer, to the Willamette valley as it is affected by the Zombie apocalypse. He comes there to solve the mystery behind this Zombie attack.


Co-op mode

This Dead Rising 4 game has a co-op mode where players can play with their friends. But this co-op mode is different from the usual co-op mode. Co-op campaign is the cooperative gameplay, where players with their friends work together as team mates and fight against one or more non-player characters. It’s not a competitive multiplayer mode like player versus player or death matches.

But Co-op of Dead Rising 4 is different and it is seperated from the stroy progress. You can play with your buddies. But it didn’t come under the story progress of the game. You can pair up with three other players and play a role of non-player characters and complete certain quests.

Dead Rising 4 Co-op mode : How Different it is from other Co-op Campaigns!

How to play Co-op

As a survival game the main moto of Dead Rising 4 is goal to explore the surrounding and battle against the group of zombies. You level up yourself in the game by Prestige Points (PP). These perks are all same in Co-op mode, but you can’t play together with your friends and progress the story but to play seperately. But if you solemnly want to play with friends for entertainment, you can play. Let’s see how to access Co-op mode in Dead Rising 4.

  • Go to the main menu of the game
  • Select the Co-op mode option on the menu
  • Choose the character from the character selection screen.
  • Then just press A in your console to start it.
  • You can simply select the invite slot on the menu and choose the friends you want to play the game with.
  • There are other options like select levels, so that you can play the level you like to play with your friends.
  • There is an another option too, you can just go in and join the game with strangers.

The above mentioned are the steps you have to follow to access the Co-op mode in Dead Rising 4.

That’s about it, these are the details you want to know about the Dead Rising 4 Co-op mode.

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