The Master Chief Collection Season 6 launches, Find Out What’s New?

    Halo series get updated with the new season in The Master Chief Collections. It is the Season 6 of the Master Chief Collections and it is named as Raven. Let’s see what are the new features that are going to be available in this brand new season.

    New season

    On April 8, 2021 the season 6 of the Master Chief Collections goes live. This season is expected to be filled with new armours and skins that will be unlocked by the players. There will be more game modes and maps which are spread throughout other series of Halo games within the season 6. As a Xbox Game Studio publishing, the game will be available in all Xbox platforms like Xbox one Xbox series X/S and also be in PC.

     Maps and game modes

    Halo Waypoint, the official Halo page has given out the in-depth preview of the new content to be added in the game. One of the important feature is maps, Waterfall map that is currently present in Halo 3 which is added in this season 6. And the other feature is the new game modes, Escalation mode which is available in Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo : Reach and Halo 4. This mode twist the players in Slayer matches by changing their gun with the new one each time they get a kill.

    Other features

    The most existing feature is The Exchange. Through this feature, Season 6 is going to bring back the pieces of armours and other items from the previous seasons and items that are not included with in the entry pass of Season 6. In the Exchange feature, the first set that the players can get is Rhine armour set which is unlocked as a bundle and available throughout the season. The second set of this feature is Rhine weapon skins which are unlocked separately from the armour set.

    The Master Chief Collection Season 6 launches, Find What's New?

    Raven – reservoir of contents

    You can get the new season pass now. This season 6 is named Raven in the remembarence of the fan-favorite fire team called Raven present in Halo lore. This season have lot of contents within it. It consists of about 100 tiers of contents for the players. The timed challenges are adds more value to the season, as it will award players with extra bonuses.

    Halo: The Master Chief Collections season 6 is available now in all platforms, you can dowload and play it now.

    Thus these are the details that you want to know about the new season called Raven in Halo: The Master Chief Collections.

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