Mai Shiranui Gameplay, Trailer & Snaps!

    SNK released the gameplay trailer for the new character called Mai Shiranui in the game called King of Fighters 15. This trailer shows her unique gameplay and abilities in the game. Let’s see about it in detail.

    New game

    King of Fighters 15 is in development phase. It is the fighting game, a series of King of Fighters developed by SNK. As it is on the way to be released for players, SNK is releasing a character that are going to be in the new game, each Wednesday. This game is expected to be released in this present year 2021.

    Mai Shiranui Gameplay, Trailer & Snaps!


    As we saw earlier, SNK releases one character of the new game each Wednesday. But to our surprise, they break down this line and released a gameplay trailer for Mai Shiranui. So without just revealing the name of the character, they are releasing this gameplay trailer for a character by which we can know more about it and to also induce our interest towards the new game.

    Mai Shiranui

    Mai Shiranui was already revealed in the time of orginal trailer of game got released. But now SNK released a gameplay trailer for her seperately on April 8, 2021. Previously, the new characters like Terry and Andy that are going to be in the game, got their gameplay trailer released by SNK. Likewise, Mia Shiranui too got her gameplay trailer.

    Mai’s new trailer

    Mai, King and Yuri, in the previous versions of the King of Fighters reformed the women’s team. But this time that will not happen as there is no such announcement in trailer. Her gameplay wasn’t changed much but it is as same as her previous appearances. Even though, the animation of Mia Shiranui got a new touch in the game.


    Mai Shiranui is the character in the King of Fighters series. She is the one who knows both Ninjitsu and Koppoken martial arts. By this trailer, we get to know that she make use of the King of Fighters’s Pyrokinesis (fireworks) to control fire and attack her enemies along with other Ninja-related skills and movements. We can also view her iconic paper fan as a weapon. She also uses powerful elbow strikes in addition to all her abilities to knock out her rivals.

    To sum up Mia Shiranui is as savage as she was in the previous versions. These kinds of gameplay trailers adds more expectations among the players to the upcoming King of Fighters 15 game which is going to be released in 2021 by SNK.

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