xQc and G FUEL Launches “The Juice” Energy Drink – What does It Tastes like? : Esports

Juice Lord “xQc” has teamed up with Gfuel to release his flavor drink “The Juice”.

There’s no question that xQc has The Juice. He’s easily one of the world’s most entertaining gamers and content creators to watch,” stated G FUEL Founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan. “We’re excited to take our partnership with xQc to another level and introduce our fans to a new refreshing flavor that’s inspired by xQc’s favorite fruits from the jungle

xQc and G FUEL Launches "The Juice" Energy Drink - What does It Tastes like? : Esports

Félix Lengyel who’s famously known as “xQc” is one of the most watched and famous twitch streamer. With an average stream time of 90 hrs a week, and multiple 24 hr streams a week, there’s no doubt how he is the most watched twitch streamer and for that people also refer him as the streaming warlord.

On 30th march, Gfuel announced they are teaming up with the juice lord to release a drink, and xQc also talked about this on his stream and ever since then the fans were waiting for it. The wait is finally over as new flavor just got released yesterday on 7th of April, with the name “The Juice”.

He unboxed his Gfuel Flavor and revealed its first look in his live stream, and it looks amazing. The theme of wildness of the jungle really suits his personality – as we know how wild he is.

xQc’s The Juice

Those who are familiar with xqc knows that he often uses this term “juice” in his streams, thus people also call him “Juice lord”. It basically means extremely good, like the feeling you get when something fantastic and exciting happens to you.

When asked by a user he said: “For me, the juice is whenever I win. That’s my juice. But maybe your juice is when you make a nice piece of art, hell yeah, that’s your juice! Maybe you like when people notice you, you want fame, that’s your juice. Maybe you like money and buying shit, and that’s the juice”

There’s no doubt that the title of this drink is inspired from this term, and why shouldn’t it? It feels like the perfect match!

What Does It Taste like ?

A mentioned on their website, this drink will taste like Watermelon & Sweet Citrus Infused Fruit Punch. We can expect this drink to be bland of his favorite tropical fruits as well, and will be available in caffeine and no-caffeine variant. Gfuel drinks have no sugar in them which makes it even better.

xQc and G FUEL Launches "The Juice" Energy Drink - What does It Tastes like? : Esports

On their website they’ve written a really fun message for the fans:

“wanna become the ultimate gamer warlord savage elite pro competitor juicer??? xqc’s “the juice” gfuel flavor is the only answer!!! a mind-blowing blend of x’s favorite tropical fruits from the jungle that will turn you into a juice lord almost immediately!!! juicerrrrrrrrr!!!!!”

The Juice is sugar-free and loaded with antioxidants from 18 totally different fruit extracts. Every serving has solely 15 energy and comprises 140 mg of caffeine plus proprietary vitality and focus-enhancing complexes. It is the right method for turning you right into a juice lord nearly instantly.

If you want to buy this drink, you can hop on to their official site!

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