Overwatch Archives 2021 Bushi Genji Skin Revealed!

    There is an unwritten practice we are following that if come across any festivals or new season or celebration, we will change our place by using it’s theme. Video games are no exceptional, they too create events and challenges according to the festivals or season. Archive is one such seasonal event in Overwatch video games. Let’s see about the new Bushi skin for Genji which is specially released for Archive event.

    Brand new cosmetics

    Blizzard Entertainment games are famous for it’s important given to the history of the games by means of seasonal events. Overwatch Archive event is such seasonal event which centres on the lore of Overwatch. It unboxes new armours and loot to the players which were made based on the history of Overwatch video games. There are two brand new skins which were unleashed even before the start of event in April 6, 2021. They are Mousquetaire Widow maker skin and Bushi Genji skins which are designed based on French attire and Samurai themes respectively.

    Bushi skin

    Bushi is one of the best cosmetic skins given to Genji. Previously, Genji’s armour was flat and slim but this new Bushi skin adds scaled panels and loaded helm to him. Bushi is the Japanese word which means warrior. This skin is created to trace back the Japanese origin of Genji.


    The new Bushi skin for Genji is in blue colour. This skin is designed similar to the Samurai or Katana era. Bushi has kaman or crest on the chest which is inscribed with Shurikens. The helmet of Bushi is similar to Kabuta the ancient Japanese warrior and this helmet has Shimanda clan’s double dragon. The sword of Bushi has made by having Samurai era in mind as it is plain and deadly weapons which is the most iconic weapon of Samurai.


    You can get this Bushi skin within the Archive loot box which is gifted to you as a seasonal reward for free. But if you are little unlucky to got this skin in Archive loot box, you can purchase it for 3,000 coins in Overwatch game.

    Overwatch Archives 2021 Bushi Genji Skin Revealed!

    Overwatch is available on Play Station 4, Xbox one, Windows and Nintendo Switch But from March 2021 the game is also available in Xbox Series X and S.

    Here you have all the details you want to know about the new Bushi skin for Genji in the Overwatch Archive event. Get it and model the Genji with this new look.

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