Overwatch Archive Event Goes Live!

    Archive is the seasonal event in the video game developed called Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment. The developers of this game, Blizzard Entertainment gives more important to the history of the games, so they create special events to make players reminisce about the history of the game. So Overwatch lore is explored through this Archive event by players. And the 2021 Archive event is live, let’s see more details about it.

    Overwatch Archive

    As a multiplayer first-person shooter game, Overwatch embedded with lots of characters called heros with uniques abilities which are chosen by the players. Overwatch Archive is the seasonal event which celebrates the lore of the game. It create certain PVE mode were players defeat AI controlled Bots than fighting other players that they usually do in the gameplay.

    Overwatch Archive Event Goes Live!

    Revisit the History

    Archive event  provide 20 special achievements which will give players the limited series of items that are gained via special loot boxes or unlocked by Hero Gallery. In this event, as the main moto of it, players explore the key events in history of Overwatch which takes place in King’s Row and Rialto. They revisit Uprising, Retribution and Storm Rising during the period of the event. This event also provide new cosmetics and items to the players.

    Event Duration

    The 2021 Overwatch Archive is happening for the six time after the launch of the game in 2016. This takes place in the month of April in every year. Likewise this year the Archive event begins from April 6, 2021 and it will be continued till April 27, 2021.

    Mission Details

    The new story of the Overwatch Archive is based on PVE mode as usual. But there is nothing known about the mission other than this. Blizzconline has stated that this year Overwatch Archive will be the strong sequel to the last year PVE gameplay. Other than that there is no specific information available about the story of the 2021 Overwatch Archive.

    Overwatch Archive Event Goes Live!

    New cosmetics

    Another key point of Overwatch Archive is it’s exciting items and cosmetics. So true to that, Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled two new skins even before the start of the Archive event. They are Mousquetaire and Bushi skin. As the event centers on the lore of the game, these two skins are created based on two different history based themes. Bushi Skin for Genji which is influenced by Samurai era. Mousquetaire Skin for Widow maker which is designed based on French mousquetaire attire.

    There is no new expansion happened in the Overwatch recently. So these kind of seasonal events help the game to hit the requirements of players. Overwatch 2 are rumored to be released in the next year. Let’s hope for the best.

    And that’s about it, these are the details about the new Overwatch Archive event.

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