How to Display The FPS Counter In Apex Legends? : Apex Legends

FPS is important, no one argues this. Slight drops in frames can lead to drastic consequences which no one really wants. Thanks to the in game FPS monitor of Origin Client, you can play Apex Legends and tweak it in real time, so you can minimize the frame drops.


Ranking Heirlooms Of Apex Legends - Which One's The Best? : Apex Legends

A long time ago, there was a saying in the gaming world “If it can run crisis[game], It can run anything.” and the PC that had the sheer power of running that game, certainly never had the need to adjust graphic settings for better FPS. These kinds of computers do exists, but then there are potato PCs or mid-range computers who must be tweaked in order to get the smoother gaming experience.

While players using consoles like PS5 or Xbox never really need to look at frames per second as the game always runs on optimal settings with butter smooth gameplay, but that’s not the case with PC gamers, as tweaking for better FPS and smoother gaming is something a PC gamer can do.

FPS monitor is definitely a need for those having mid or low-end computers(potato PC) as tweaking the game’s graphics for optimal performance is essential.

How To Display The FPS Counter

There are many programs that show FPS and are popular, but it does mean you have to download a third party software. Other than this, the FPS monitor in Windows 10 is crap and cant be used while you play the game in real time. So, One good thing in Apex legends is that it has its own FPS monitor, and can be turned on from the settings.

Here’s the way to show FPS counter in these easy steps:


  • Open the Origin Launcher
  • Click on the Origin option from the title bar and select Application settings from the drop-down menu.

Ranking Heirlooms Of Apex Legends - Which One's The Best? : Apex Legends

  • Click on “Origin-in-game” tab from the right side.

Ranking Heirlooms Of Apex Legends - Which One's The Best? : Apex Legends

  • Scroll Down to “During Gameplay” option, where you’ll see “Display FPS counter”
  • In the right of it, open the drop-down menu which is set as “Don’t display” by default. Select the desired position for your FPS monitor.


All done! Now you can tweak the settings and get the FPS results in real time. These settings will not only work on Apex legends but also every other game opened through the origin client. 😉

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