Qualcomm Planning to Launch a Nintendo Switch – How Will it be Different from the Current Nintendo Switch? : Technology

    One of the most pioneering companies in the mobile market Qualcomm, will soon be launching its new product. The major field of work of this company is Chip-making. Further, it is an American multinational corporation. This company is also popular for its gaming smartphone. However,  as per the recent updates, this company is all set to launch its handheld console. Please read the complete article for its full update.

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    Nintendo Switch

    The foremost fact is, “this portable gaming console will strongly resemble the Nintendo Switch,” as reported by the Android Police. Further, this console will run on android and a house of snapdragon chipset. Also, they claimed that they are aware of the structure and designs of this console, which is still not final.

    Also, in October 2020, the company would be working with ASUS to develop gaming smartphones. However, it seems like that report was for the consoles, probably.

    Qualcomm Planning to Launch a Nintendo Switch - How Will it be Different from the Current Nintendo Switch? : Technology

    In general, this console will be more like the Nintendo Switch, but with left and right detachable joycon- like controllers. One can even consider it as a thick smartphone with detachable controllers.

    Furthermore, a San Diego-based company has also stated that they will be providing a 6000mAH battery. This further helps to charge the device more quickly, or one can also state it as Quick Charge Technology. The device is further packed with display output and an SD card reader, which will support future storage expansion. One of the most interesting facts about this device is it will run on Android 12, and it also has its customized launcher.

    Further, this will be available on Google Play Store to download. Likewise, Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers pointed out that the device will have a 6.65-inch full HD+ display with a cooling fan fitted in the device itself.

    The expected price of this device is estimated at USD 300. Also, the company will avail the device for direct sales as well. However, the company also urges US carriers for the product display, which ultimately increases product sales.

    Lastly, in a crux, one can depict this device’s image as a smartphone but the bulky one, with detachable controllers. Also, it will have fast charging technology with a cooling fan. And finally, a good display accompanied by SSD for future storage.

    So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Qualcomm Planning to Launch a Nintendo Switch. To get all the latest updates on Technology, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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