Top 5 New Android 12 Features that You Should Try on your Android 12 Device : Technology

From the redesign of notifications and major UX overhaul to improved performance, from better face-based auto-rotate to new audio haptic feedback for the gamers– Android 12 will have many major changes to put a smile on any android user. (:


Top 5 New Android 12 Features that You Should Try on your Android 12 Device : Technology

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Here Comes The Android 12…

Google has finally launched the developer preview of their new and better Android 12 on March 19! And the enthusiasts and developers are not wasting any time trying it out.

Currently, only available to manually install on Google Pixel devices,  this new Android version has made some changes, both in the look and feel and the functioning.

As it’s only installed as a preview and isn’t finished – it still has all the new features for the users to try out and get the feel of.

According to, the new android can do the public release around Aug-September this year, while the beta releases will start rolling out from around June.

Top 5 New Android 12 Features that You Should Try on your Android 12 Device : Technology

For now, they have released 3 Preview Versions of the Android 12:


People have been guessing what this new Android could be called based on the last versions of Android. And it seems that they might have concluded that Android 12 would be named Snow Cone, which sounds like an adorable name.

It’s good and all, But what’s new? We at Gamestanza present you with the top 5 features you can enjoy in Android 12.

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TOP 5 Features| What’s new?

1. Rich Content Insertion

Top 5 New Android 12 Features that You Should Try on your Android 12 Device : Technology

This will be one of the most loved and beneficial features of Android 12, as it’ll directly impact the way you share content through apps.

Imagine you want to send a picture you found on Google to your friend on WhatsApp. For that, you’ll have to download the image, then go to WhatsApp and select the image and then upload it.  Want to do it faster?  Just copy the image from Google and paste it into your chatbox. It’s literally it! Now imagine sending multiple images like this, and enjoy. This is what you will get in the next Android 12.

Not just pictures, but you will be able to send other content as well as videos and GIFs. Isn’t this great! Especially for the netizens and the chatters.

2. Face Based Auto-Rotate| no more annoying auto-rotation.|

Imagine your phone is on auto-rotate, and you lie down on the bed and use the phone to chat with your friends or watch YouTube or anything. You want your phone to stay in portrait mode because you’re lying down sideways, but the phone keeps turning into landscape mode! This is because of the normal auto-rotate. It does get really annoying. Not anymore! Thanks to Android 12’s face-detect feature.

What will it do? It will adjust the screen mode by detecting your face and how you’re looking at the phone.

The technology was first seen in Huawei devices, But it’s great that Android has it too. It is currently not an option that can be enabled in developer preview, but we can hope that it will be available to all of us by the time Android 12 is released for all users.

3. Snooze Notifications| Now focus without distractions.

Top 5 New Android 12 Features that You Should Try on your Android 12 Device : Technology

This feature will also be very beneficial for anyone who wants to eliminate distractions. As the name suggests, this feature will allow you to stop notifications from coming so that you can enjoy and focus on whatever you’re doing right now.

4. Multi-Page Widgets

Top 5 New Android 12 Features that You Should Try on your Android 12 Device : Technology

Widgets are a big help for any quick work. Want to have a lot of widgets without taking all the space? With the new Android 12, you’ll be able to stack widgets in one place on your home screen as multiple pages.

5. AVIF Support| Ba-bye JPEG.

Top 5 New Android 12 Features that You Should Try on your Android 12 Device : Technology

AVIF has entered the image compression game, and It’s soon gonna give a JPEG run for its life. AVIF may replace JPEG due to its extremely smaller size of images than JPEG without reducing any noticeable image quality!

Look at the above image and see for yourself. On the right is a JPEG image of 74Kb, and on the left is an AVIF image with only 18 Kb size and without any loss of noticeable image quality!

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That’s Not all

These are some other great features that Android 12 will have:

Better One-Handed Mode

For the busy folks who are multitasking or don’t have one hand, This will be extremely useful.

Easier Wi-Fi Sharing without disconnecting the internet

Now you’ll be able to send or receive files from your lovely friend over a Wi-Fi connection without it being disconnected from your Wi-Fi!

And you’ll also be able to share files through a nearby Wi-Fi connection in a much quicker way as compared to the barcode, thanks to the new Nearby-sharing feature.

Haptic feedback for the gamers

This one for the gamers.

This feature will allow using mobile vibrators to give audio-coupled haptic feedback for a better gameplay experience.

Last Words

Android 12 will have some performance boost, but it’s showing some concerns in his battery department- as some users of the preview version have stated that their batteries are draining faster after installing Android 12. We can expect it to improve and optimize for the public as there’s still a lot of time for the official public release.

We might not be able to get the public release of Android 12 until late Aug or September, but as beta versions release, more and more people would want to try it before the public release.

Tell us down in the comments. Are you excited about the Android 12?

Thanks a lot for reading our post. Please share this with others, and stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News. Thank you!

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