Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 2 trailer release date confirmed!

Doom Eternal “The Ancient God” part one was released on October 20, 2020. This game is the fifth game in Doom series. With that in our hands, Doom Eternal The Ancient God part two is going to be on our consoles too soon. Let’s see the new trailer of it and all the other details about The Ancient God part two here.

Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 2

On March 15, 2021 that is this week Monday, Bethesda softwork has released a twenty seconds teaser that focused on the battle of Doom Slayer with Dark Lord. They have also informed that trailer will be released on March 17.

And on March 17, as stated earlier Bethesda softwork released a trailer on YouTube. It includes an action packed look of the Action God part two. And also surprised us with the release date of the part two that is March 18.

What’s in the trailer?

Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods Part 2 trailer release date confirmed!

The trailer showed the exciting and cool look of the Doom Slayer. The discription says,” Your war against Hell ends here”, which noted that Doom Eternal storyline is going to end with this expansion. The trailer gives us a sneak peak of the game’s places and outward look of the characters. It shows the battle between Hell Armies and Night Sentinal Force. The battle of Doom Slayer against Dark Lord. From trailer, we get to know the Betrayer (Doom Eternal Character) is going to be in this part two.

The trailer shows the several locations in the game where Doom Slayer goes to Sentinal Prime to acquire the Hell Breaker hammer. And plenty of action like Doomslayer fight against new enemy types, beheading demons and flying back of the dragon. These have added so much hype to the game among players. Now you can purchase this game either in a standard version or digital delux edition.

And it’s all you want to know about the new Doom Eternal “The Ancient God” part two game.

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