Harvest Fruits and Vegetables in Fortnite – Weekly challenge guide : Fortnite

Fornite 2 season 6 is scheduled to start on March 16, 2021. It’s only a week to the new season. Players have to tier up their level to get the battle pass for the next season. So they have to play this week 14 and 15 wisely to gain more experience points. Harvesting fruits and vegetables are the part of this week challenge. Let’s see how to collect it in the Fortnite game.

Fornite is the online video game developed by Epic games and published in the year of 2017. It have three different game modes like Fortnite Save the world, Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative. In which both Battle Royale and Creative is free to play and Fortnite save the world is pay to play game.

Harvest Fruits and Vegetables in Fortnite

As season 5 going to end, there are only two weeks challenges available for players. In these weeks, players need to complete a couple of driving challenges, finding cook books, earning bars to hire characters and more. One of the challenge is to harvest fruits and vegetables like cabbage, corn, apples and mushrooms.By finishing this challenge, players get a bunch of experience points.

Harvest Fruits and Vegetables in Fortnite - Weekly challenge guide : Fortnite


There are some places where you can find fruits and vegetables in Fornite Islands. Orchard have abundant of fruits and vegetables in the game. You can find cabbage patch along with large number of apples scattered on the floor. Don’t eat them but save them in your inventory. In the southeast of the Orchard, you will also find corn fields. Gather corn by whacking the stalks with your pickaxe. Other than Orchard, you can find carnage patches at the houses in the Holly Hedges. Interact with them to gather cabbages. In the forests of Weeping woods, you will find blue mushrooms.


Go to Orchard and harvest all the fruits and vegetables in a single location. Because you need to collect eight fruits or vegetables to complete the challenges. By finishing this challenge, you will gain up to 20,000 experience points (XP). This will help you to reach 40,000 experience points to purchase the Battle pass to reach season 6. Make sure to collect all the vegetables to teir up your level.

With the help of this article, you will get to know where you can find the fruits and vegetables in Fornite game. Finish this last week challenges of season 5 to tier up your level to gain the battle pass to reach season 6 in Fornite.

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